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  1. My fav is Lonely World by Moses Sumney. A good chunk of the lyrics talks about 'the void', and as a loveless aro I interpret this as finding solace in being alone and nothing speaking to you as much as solitude. I see the last verse as someone feeling hollow and disconnected from the world at their wedding due to not really wanting it and not feeling romantic love for their partner but not having the vocabulary or confidence to live life as wanted which really resonates with me
  2. Yeah ikr, one of my friends used the phrase 'nothing more than friends' the other day and like is this what you think about me?! 😭
  3. Stellar Firma is very good, it's an improvised comedy and it is partially influenced by Hitchhikers. Just a heads up to look at the content warnings if you need any because it covers some pretty dark stuff sometimes
  4. Does anyone else cringe anytime anyone says 'just friends' or 'more than friends'? Like my friends say it all the time and I know they don't do it with malice and appreciate friendship but it still kinda makes me cringe
  5. I haven't started a new audio drama in a while, but my favourite ones are Stellar Firma, The Penumbra Podcast, and Wooden Overcoats!! I'm guessing you don't listen to audio dramas??
  6. Hey everyone! My name is Emerson (he/him) and I am aromantic asexual and identity as a loveless aro in an 'i literally dont feel love' kind of way. I don't have any arospec friends in real life so I'm hoping to feel more in touch with the aro community by interacting on here as I currently feel very isolated and alone. I am very into anime and am always happy to talk about arospec anime character headcanons!! I'm also a musician and have recently started reading classic books and listening to audio drama podcasts. I'm excited to meet you all!
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