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Aro memes


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Have you any memes or pictures that are related to aromanticism?

I ask because I find a trans picture, who can also apply to aromanticism, and I was wondering if you have ones you want to share. If you're curious, here's the picture (in Franch but I translate).



First picture : "It will change later".

Second picture : "This is just a phase".

Third picture :"Well! You're life is a phase".

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7 hours ago, nonmerci said:

I love it. And I saw some stuff my parents said (though there favorite not there : who will take care of you when you'll be old?")

Hmmm... that’s a new one.

If you screenshot it and add it to photos you could edit out a square and change it to that. 

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For aro awareness week I decided to create memes and share it here.

Do you know, when you do a research and Google get the wrong words? It happens less often hat when I started identifying a few years ago, but it still happens, in particular when we look for some specific content. Everytime, there is something I want to say to Google :









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