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  1. Nope. Series are easier to watch, because they come in smaller parts xP TPBM is out as aro to their family
  2. I've heard something about icecream and pizza? Not 100% sure tho xP
  3. I would be able to help with that as well, since I'm a native German speaker. I mean, only if you want the help, of course I'm sorry I haven't been online in quite some time, but I'm really glad to see that we've found a lot of new sources in the meantime, because those will help us for sure. This is a really huge project, but I feel that we can do it, especially if we basically just take everything @Magni posted and put it in a Wikipedia format.
  4. I'm from Germany. We're mostly known for our history (WWI, WWII, Nazis...) but nowadays Germany's a great country. Most people are very accepting and open-minded. A weird thing Germans do is that we don't show any national pride (Nationalstolz) except for sports events. This is mainly because of our bad past with being proud of Germany (*cough* WWII *cough*). It also means that Americans are just plain weird to Germans. Life as a German is fairly easy but also stressful. Easy because we're a pretty free country with good healthcare and schools and all that. Stressful because the most common German values include punctuality ("Fünf Minuten vor der Zeit, ist des Deutschen Pünktlichkeit"/Five minutes early is a Germans punctuality), order and fast quality work. Something you should know is that not all Germans wear Lederhosen. That's just the south. As a person living in the north of Germany, I've almost never seen anybody wearing them. Most German stereotypes are about Bavarians. Still, most Germans like to drink, eat sausage and potatoes and drive faster than 130 km/h on the Autobahn (the German highway).
  5. I can't really remember most of my dreams, except for those that are really strange. For months I always had the same dream and another time I dreamed the same dream like twice every week. Those have always been in first person and mostly just sight, with a bit of background noises. I couldn't talk myself -- which might've been good because I always died in the second dream alongside my family.
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