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  1. I’m a member of a Presbyterian church and I go to a Baptist private school. My church is supportive of me wanting to be single, like some other people said, chastity and respecting/treating your body like a treasure is encouraged highly. My pastor actually preached a sermon about how being single is just as good as being married/dating. I am a Christian and it makes me feel better to know that Jesus was single, same with Peter, Paul, and all the other apostles. (God does say that singles can do just as much as romantic couples, that both lifestyles are equal in value.) My school... Baptis
  2. Hmmm... that’s a new one. If you screenshot it and add it to photos you could edit out a square and change it to that.
  3. I found Aro bingo!! You come out to a group of people and let the bingo commence. https://ibb.co/cNqgcwC
  4. I’m definitely an empathetic person... sometimes too empathetic. I try to understand romance for my friends so I can support them. But I do feel like they don’t try to get me. Tbh though... it’s hard to imagine and empathize with a feeling you’ve never had, that’s true in almost every case. Edit: I mean, there’s a lack of empathy on both sides because we can’t see why the other feels the way we do
  5. It’s a relief someone else did this too... 😅 Also as a child I was always weirded out when my parents kissed like, why are you touching mouths? Do you know how gross that is?
  6. “Are you sure? You haven’t dated yet, just give it a try” GURL Suddenly I’m gonna get a boyfriend or girlfriend and be like, “Ah yes, now I understand perfectly what I’ve NEVER understood for my entire life”
  7. Yeah... someone had to explain that to me. That was a weird convo.
  8. I realized I was aro a few days ago actually... so no one really knows yet except my sis. I mean, I’d always noticed how differently I felt about romance than most of my friends for years only recently did I learn the term “Aromantic” I read the description and watched/read a ton of stuff about it and was like “yeah... that’s me”. Since Aromantic awareness week is coming up I figured that would be a good time to announce to my friends and family that the reason I’m single is because I want to be...
  9. same though... I’ve never figured out what makes it different I KNOW RIGHT!?!? Two of my friends “broke up” and now they both want me to pick their side... They’re both great people and tbh he didn’t do anything wrong. (It doesn’t help that I don’t understand why they broke up... he kissed a girl before they even started dating and she got mad. They weren’t even dating yet. I’m so confused)
  10. YMBAI you laughed hysterically during “Titanic” while all your friends cried, ‘cause come on... that was so corny
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