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  1. I'm scrolling through tumblr and I see a post that says "If this gets x notes I'll tell my crush I like them" I smile and absentmindedly like it, I think 'I should do that!' then I remember- I don't have a crush. I'm reminded of the time I dated someone because everyone told me I should want to date someone- and I did- dating someone sounded great, all I'd heard was happiness and getting presents and so one. The I realized how miserable being in a relationship was making me. It's hard because I wish I had a crush because it's always described as the best thing ever- everyone wants to meet thei
  2. You say that you like a person before you understand that thinking someone is really cool isn't the same thing.
  3. I'm to afraid, one time I tried telling the school therapist who really was a great resource and she said my feelings would "change with time" I don't think my parents would be happy, 've dropped some hints but they say things like "It's natural to feel like that at your age"
  4. I want a qpr but I don't know how I could ever have one, how would I even go about looking for one.
  5. lol I remember when my friend told me they wanted to know what a girls lipstick tasted like and i was like just??? ask her??? what type she uses??????? its not that hard???????
  6. I remember mine. A girl who was my friend told me she liked me and I thought well why not. I hated it. I had no idea how a relationship should work. we kissed once and the next day I told her I just wanted to be friends. I felt rally uncomfortable because she told me that she liked to look at my butt.
  7. It's hard when you have problems in your childhood because it makes me want to look for love out in the world. I want all the things that say I can have someone who will love me and all it takes is a little work. I think I could have someone who would hug me and help me and care about me. The problem is I've only ever seen people depicted as having that from love. And that sucks. I don't feel I can say I love you in the way that I mean, the "I would die for you if I had to, but if you wanted to kiss I would run away" way. I just wish I could even tell anyone in the real world about this :(. So
  8. Emerald in the Mask of Shadows series stated that she was allo aro and explained the difference!
  9. Someone: What are your favorite colors Me: Green and Purple My parents are really great about my gender stuff but I get the feeling from when I explained ace (in a very This is Other People way) that they won't be very happy
  10. Kate Bishop! She never shows any romantic feelings in her comics (at least the ones I've read) she has four best friends who basically live with her and it's played like a qpr Hiccup from the how to train your dragon books comes off as aroace to me. Also fishlegs. (I've aways headcanoned that after the books they are in a qpr with Camicazi) Elliot from leverage. I firmly believe that he is in a qpr ot3 with Parker and Hardison (as a creator confirmed) but that he is aro and parker is ace.
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