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  1. Regarding Aro spaces in German: The only thing I found when I last searched is the (A)romantic subforum of the german AVEN (https://www.aven-forum.de/viewtopic.php?t=11886) which seems to have been created in 2015 (but this really is only a place for aro ace people). I also just found this dutch (?) AVEN site which dates its explanation of "aromantic" to 2011 (https://du.asexuality.org/wiki/index.php?title=Aromanticus)
  2. As always, the only one who can truly decide if you're aromantic or not is you. Here are some thoughts on your text: Actively flirting has always been alien to me, but this might just be due to not being able to keep a conversation going even if I have something to talk about. Flirting, where I have to try to decipher additional meaning at the same time as talking just sounds really stressful and just awful to me. However, I do relate to the part of in theory being open to a relationship if somebody with similar interests asked me. (That's why I identify as cupioromantic ). Ultimately, to try to determine if one is aromantic, one has to try to examine the events one thinks are closest to a crush/falling in love. A "test" I like to use is to think about if it was my active choice or if it was above my control (I used to do pick somebody whose interests roughly aligned with mine and then decide I had a crush on them, for example) But in the end, it is futile to search definitive answer to the question "Am I aromantic?", as "romantic attraction" (and thus is aromanticism) is an incredibly weakly defined phrase. Additionally, it's like trying to prove law of conservation of energy: We haven't observed an instance where it was violated, but we can't be sure there won't be such events in the future. However, like the law of conservation of energy, this doesn't mean it is useless. One can simply adopt the label "aromantic" until proven otherwise. (Sorry for my rambling, it's way to late where I live)
  3. I only had one breakup, but it was pretty much the same as the experiences detailed here. She went to a concert with somebody else, which lead to rumours going around in school (not that I would have even noticed them, I was/am a huge nerd and totally oblivious to most things going on in school). After some days, she texted me something like "I guess people are saying I cheated on you by going to this concert. I didn't mean to do it, but we should probably break up" to which my response just was "I guess, if you think it's best". I didn't even consider any other response as I couldn't change the outcome, why should I try to convince her about anything? In the end, I basically took it as the best possible outcome. I didn't have to go through the stress and fallout of breaking up myself and I didn't really think the relationship could have lasted much longer anyway. It might have helped that I had read an article stating what little percentage of first relationships actually survive for a significant amount of time, so I basically went into the relationship thinking "well, let's see how long this lasts" (It didn't even occur to me that isn't how people normally treat romantic relationships)
  4. I chose monogamous in the poll as I personally don't think I have the energy to support more than one deep bond with someone else which obviously rules out multiple partners. As a heterosexual romance neutral/positive aro, my current goal is to find a monogamous romantic relationship or QPR, but if it turns out this isn't possible because it turns out I can't fulfil all the needs of my partner I guess I'll have to settle for some sort of polygamous construct.
  5. I'd also help writing the German article. Something I think can be done now by a native French speaker is to make a dedicated "Romantic orientation" page, as this page exists in the German and English wikipedia and is currently a redirect to "sexual orientation" in the French wikipedia with romantic orientation being the last paragraph on this site
  6. If you happen to be asexual, there's an aromantics subforum on the german branch of AVEN ( https://www.aven-forum.de/viewforum.php?f=36 ). However, even if it is interesting from a scientific perspective to experience aromanticism from another point of view, this is quite toxic for non-asexuals and I personally would not use it as a forum. From a quick google search, the only things I found were asexual related too. I don't know anything about offline groups but I wouldn't be that optimistic judging from the online presence.
  7. If you try to reach the unread feed https://www.arocalypse.com/forums/discover/unread/ it says it doesn't exist and throws Error code: 1S160/2 Worked after using the link from the main Site instead of the Tab i already had open
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