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  1. There's this server which is quite active (if you haven't found it yet): There's also arodynamics, I can send you the invite link if you want it
  2. I calculated the percentage of people who haven't had a crush by the age of 14 (as those are the people who are likely to ask in this forum) but eventually are going to have a crush. There are 19 (15 to 20) + 7 (20+) + 31 (no crush) = 51 people who fall into this category, 26 of which eventually have a crush. So the percentage of people having a crush is 26/51 = 45.6% But as you said, it's a big difference if you have your first crush at 15/16 or 20, so the 19 in the 15-20 box are somewhat unreliable. This survey was just the first thing I found whilst googling for a statistic, and origin
  3. I'd say that you can't rule out that you aren't biromantic (bisexual is a bit easier, as sexual attraction can be more reliably tested). Whether or not this has any results on how you behave is your own decision. (Or at least I would never say that somebody else is definitely not biromantic) According to the "survey" (which can only be seen as rough guidelines, as it is neither representative nor has a particularly large number of responses), 45% do not have a crush before the age of 14, and 27% of those that do eventually have a crush have their first crush after 14. Even more interes
  4. Hey I'm super new to this party but honestly-- I've toiled and hemmed and hawwed over what romantic attraction is supposed to be, since literally no one can give me a solid definition (as opposed to sexual attraction, which is pretty easily described and physically experienced) but, like, honestly? This is a pretty solid definition. I've felt a lot of things for people, and they've been really confusing feelings because they fit the standards for romantic attraction. I like people a lot, I tend to worship people if I think they're cool, I get nervous around people I like, I find people attract
  5. I think that is a problem unique to aromanticism (and in parts to asexuality). As both are defined by the absence of something which itself is incredibly vague (there's a reason one of the pinned threads in Aromantic Discussion is trying to define Romantic Attraction and not really succeeding), there often are no specific events which increase the certainty that one is aromantic. It's like trying to prove there are no black swans (or trying to prove that conservation of energy is correct): The only thing you can say is "I guess I haven't had a crush yet. This puts me into the 95/99/99.99 perce
  6. Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you are not aromantic, you'll find out by having a crush eventually. Just don't pressure yourself to be in a relationship too much. (But I was enough of a nerd to not notice that "having a crush" was no longer a thing that only happened to older people until I was 14 or 15)
  7. Ok, sorry, I didn't know there was a correct link in that thread now.
  8. I feel like there are a lot more posts by Guests now than there were when I joined in 2018. Has something changed or are there just more people who find this forum and don't want to make an account?
  9. I a lot of the more active "just chatting" content has moved to the official inofficial arocalypse discord by @Zema, as forums are great for conserving searchable content and having longform discussions, but don't really work well for normal conversations. If you (or anybody else) want the invite link, just send me a private message.
  10. Yeah, the Posts mentioning AroPlane and teh link can still be found, for example this one (in the replies): (A good way to find this is for example googling "site:arocalypse.com aroplane archive.org") But it can also be found by looking at the captures of aroplane.org at the wayback machine at archive.org, resulting in this result: https://web.archive.org/web/2019*/aroplane.org
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