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  1. Hi M! This is a really great community and I am glad you have joined us. What type of cake do you want for your welcome?
  2. Hi I am ace and aro . I realized this when I was around 14. I realized I was aceallo first then acecupio but I realized all of that was just amatonormativity and that I was aroace.
  3. Hello! It is very nice to meet you Mo.
  4. For me is was when someone told me that one of my male friends had a crush on me. Such an idea wasn't even on my mind so it came as a big shock. It made me super worried whenever I was around him for years which is too bad because I think we could be good friends otherwise.
  5. It is no problem, thank for trying though.
  6. For comedy I would suggest Blue Chair and almost anything by Merryweathery. For something more serious but still a bit funny you should probably check out snailords. You can message me if you would like any other reccomendations.
  7. INTJ too. There are an extremely large amount of us for the rarest personality type. Any ideas why?
  8. Almost dead girl makes (sorta)depressed guy get his hopes up (for love) before dying on him.
  9. Hi @roboticanary I read most of my webcomics on Webtoons. Many of the comics also come in other languages! What genre are you looking into? I can give you some recommendations off that
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