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  1. How do the people here feel about pride and acting "like being queer is your whole personality"? While I find pride to be an important movement, I think of aro as more of an adjective and it isn't really important to talk about because it just is a trait. Do others here feel more strongly about that and like to broadcast more? If so, why for either yes or no?
  2. I see it as a relationship that society views as romantic based on the actions taken by those in the relationship but the feelings are platonic rather than romantic.
  3. I like how I feel more comfortable with myself. I feel like I can enjoy the company of more people without worring I will fall in love. I like how I can express the love I feel for my friends and how it isn't taken the wrong way y either of us. I love the feeling that I do not need to find someone to live with and spend the rest of my life with, that I can just enjoy my own company.
  4. I will stop you from winning HumanBeing26. I, an alien, will put all of you to sleep for 24 hours and win this game for myself.
  5. One of my friends has a crush on me and I need advice on how to reject him. I would like to be nice about it and try to stay friends because I enjoy his company but not in a romantic way (as evident from posting on this forum). If anyone has advice or would like to share any similar experiences, please post a reply.
  6. Just want to add that for question two, my answer is sometimes.
  7. Hi Sab! It is nice having you here. Would you like to PM/DM?
  8. I recently found both the option to update my status as well as a box on the side of my screen about people who have updated theirs. What type of thing is generally written about?
  9. Hi! I have been exploring and lately found the term Quoi/Wtfromantic. I was wondering how some of the people here started identifying with that label, not just aromantic. Also, how to you pronounce Quoiromantic?
  10. Hi M! This is a really great community and I am glad you have joined us. What type of cake do you want for your welcome?
  11. Hi I am ace and aro . I realized this when I was around 14. I realized I was aceallo first then acecupio but I realized all of that was just amatonormativity and that I was aroace.
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