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would you rather


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Definitely frogs. We would have evolutioned to some kind of semiaquatic mermaids with disturbing eyes, I'd like to see that.

WYR eat just pickles for the rest of your life or only be able to walk backwards?

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I'd get married to help someone immigrate to my country. 



trip on a crack in the sidewalk, barely stopping yourself from falling over in view of like forty random people


accidentally make awkward eye contact with someone on a bus several times? They're sitting in the seat right in front of you and clearly want to be left alone.

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I'd rather nearly fall over in front of random people. Less chance of being awkward and pissing someone off at the same time.


WYR be the villain in a hit movie and have a really short time on screen so nobody really remembers you, or the hero in a movie which turns into a massive flop at the box office?

(sorry this isn't a very good one :P)

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If I'm a good villain in a good movie, I can complain that the screenwriters and director underused my talent. Less of a stain on my acting cred than if I'm the face of a movie that sucks. As that villain, I'd at least have a chance not to get type-cast into dumb roles.


WYR move to (and have to find work / housing / an education on) South Georgia or Jan Mayen?


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