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would you rather


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a cat with 50 humas I'll just sleep all day plus they need to go to work 

WYR have never ending darts for a dart board (I lose them too much) or never ending spaghetti noodles 

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I prefer having darts, I would get tired of eating spaghetti.

WYR to be the only human in the world or that there were as much humans as now but that they were not able to see you (you are invisible for them).

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sardines on waffles in maple syrup.

both sound disgusting but at least with that one it didn't say how many sardines, so like i could put in two tiddlers and an entire plate of syrup to try and drown it out as much as possible.

your ears grow to the size of an elephant's ears or your nose grows to the size of an elephant's trunk

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