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  1. So... It's been a while. I hope you're ok if I don't update the scores No, this is:
  2. So I just found out that that my newest friend is aromantic, which is actually just a bonus to all the other stuff we have in common. Get in!

  3. Ok so I think there must be at least one other country that has this but when I realise how recently installed some of the taps can be that infuriates me. Like my Gran's house is 30 years old and it has double taps, and I'll see it in recently renovated toilets in cinemas or restaurants. I'm sure there's some 200 year old tale like for everything else but why would anyone choose it over a single tap? </rant>
  4. The trailer looks like "random snarky millennial who are so edgy and you could cut the sexual tension in the room with a butter knife,"
  5. I use swearwords that describe negative aspects of society like 'circlejerk' and 'wankerfest' or 'wankerbench' if we're talking about parliament. Also studied to do with infection like 'gash' and 'gammy'
  6. Guess who's back? I'll update the leaderboard tomorrow if I remember.
  7. A chocolate coated wrapper, unwrapped of course.
  8. The bleakest sci-fi show since... actually it's just the bleakest tv show ever
  9. Welcome the land of accepting confusion as the first step towards finding comfort.
  10. Louis On Air


    I liked that movie very much, just stay away from some the furries if you want them to remain just friends . But yeah, good message about prejudice and how murky the whole thing is.
  11. American Bacon (applies to too many films/tv shows) Brokebacon Mountain The Bacon Crowd Nathan Bacon Charlie Brooker's Bacon Wipe Blacon Mirror Life is Bacon Bacon 2: Electric Boogaloo
  12. South East England, the heel of Britain.
  13. I remember this got posted to r/aromantic by mistake
  14. Hello and welcome to the British Overseas Territory of Vectoria, please enjoy the one cafe and military base
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