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  1. I honestly feel as if i would rather get married. Spiders suck ass and cause panic attacks for me so... I would rather participate in a Saw-like competition than get married
  2. Okay so, I've had a few squishes before and I've confused them with crushes, but this is like a really strong squish. but I don't understand because we are already close. He is the closest thing I have to a best friend but lately he has been distant and depressed. I'm not sure how to feel or anything and oh god I'm just so damn confused. I pride myself in being quite independent, but I feel so sad when we cant talk. I feel needy and gross
  3. we haven't an official ring. thats just what I personally use @hodges2
  4. like the asexuals have a black ring on their middle finger because its the absence of color I think white works for aromantics fairly nicely
  5. Its very true. memes are life but the entire internet suck at making them. and they get over used.
  6. Because I am a meme. My life revolves around memes, only memes. MEMES
  7. Lately I've been extremely depressed. Nothing seems to help anymore. I see a therapist but I don't trust him entirely yet because he's my newest one (out of four). I don't feel wanted on here and thinking of just deleting my profile. I dont know what to do anymore. I refuse to turn back to self harm. I feel weak. I feel so many emotions I don't want to feel because I don't like to put that on the people who have to deal with me all the time. On here I act so happy and cheerful all the time and I just feel unwanted and I'm so stressed and I just don't know anymore. I have no friends to turn to.
  8. Hey @Arocalypse is it possible for you to turn me into some sort of software? I'm done with emotions.
  9. Banned for not giving a reason for banning.
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