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  1. The person who wrote is is a jerk and totally missing the point they simply complain about how he wont be giving a wide representation of asexuals when in fact so far there are like 0% openly asexual characters out in the mainstream television. It doesnt matter what kind of asexual he would had been, he wouldnt be able to represent everyone, and to me it seams like the person is just mad that his not the same type of asexual that they are, but that does not make him as a character less valied (also it seams like the person has an issue with him being aromantic but sorry, not all asexuals are alloromantics as well that should be okay). I find it quiet revolutionary if he was potrayed as asexual for alot of reason, but mainly because his asexuality wouldnt had been something we could guess on, or who in fact may had been for other reasons like desexualization of queer or disable characters, his simple asexual because he is, and we cant misunderstand it when its said out load. the crew who want to make him hetrosexual/hetroromantic anyway are just making up excuses for once more erasing lgbt+ characters and relationships.. -__-
  2. Next saturday there will be an event about Aromanticism and Asexuality. Its open for everyone so feel free to join Country: Sweden: Location: malmö, Stora nygatan 18 in RFSL Malmö house. Day: 7th January 2017 Time: 16-18 Event decribtion: What does the "A" in LGBTQIA stand for? You can find out during this event where we will explain about Asexuality and Aromanticism, different forms of attraction and what it means when a person does not feel any special attraction. Tony, Hanna and Sofia from Denmark will talk about different myths, prejudices and their experience with the subject. Come and find out more! Link to the even: https://www.facebook.com/events/1818628835073768/
  3. We been told it straight out what the meaning of life is: "get marriage, start a famely, have children, and a good job etc" but those who do not want kids, do not want to form romantic-monogamyous relationships even those who prefer to live single we need to create our own meaning of life. what is the meaning of life in your opinion.
  4. I get friends of all genders but I always felt I prefered a QP with a guy or someone identifying on the masculine spectrum. I just think somehow I relate more to men than women. and also I REALLY hate to be seen as "straight" and having "a normal relationship" (sorry for terrible wordings here) like if I show affection to my female friends and people comment on it like urg!!! + I also hate having to fit into a gender box on "you are the man so you are supposed to do bla bla bla" I have no idea if it fits with my sexuality? my sexuality preference is kinda wierd.
  5. yes I get this alot. I think for me its because I have many casual friends I like to hang out with but not many intimate ones in the sense that I am a pretty touchy person but for most of my friendships we dont really do more than a simple hi and goodbye hug, (if we do hug). also the last few years I lost a small handfull of very important friends and I had a few ones I felt in constant fear of losing, so I guess I feel alittle vulnerble at that point.
  6. this seams so unfortunate when I rather they not fall in love with me.
  7. yeah friend-first culture can be quit troublesome. in some way I do like it because I think "if I did develope feelings then it would be best in a more "natural way I feel" compared to when people seek out people specifically to date for no other reason than that. however when you just want to meet friends then it can be really difficult to navigate, specially for people like me who have atypical friendships as well. also specially because people dont believe aromantics are real its like if you say you only want friends people are like "yeah right" but still believe there may be a chance.. (I am not good at expressing this, sorry for my clumsy words.)
  8. this has happent to me SOOO many times to me.. T_T and its sucks a pain in the ass.. true we can "still be friends" but the truth is once I make it clear im not interesteed OR they get feelings for someone else (general its both) then they dont have any time for me anymore..
  9. I call myself trans-ftm-non-binary but I think demiguy fits me best. I feel my gender fluctuates between typical "man" normal "guy" and kinda androyne third gender" Like somethimes I just want to be "one of the boys" other times I care less about my gender or I may even prefer if its not seen to be a huge issue. But I still dont like to be called she and stuff so I still prefer being on the masculine side yet sometimes I get really annoyed if I am way more bothered by it than others. its kinda complicated. I go with the. "if this make me happy then its probably right, and if this make me unhappy then its probably not for me" gut feeling. I notice I feel best when I am read as male but I have 100% freedom to express myself outside of the binary.
  10. I been to therapy 2 times, neither of the times I discussed anything related to my romantic orientation. I simple felt too scared on how they would take it. I did go thought a period of time where I tried to change myself by threating it how I normally threat fears so tried to force myself to be confortable with romantic relationships by getting used to it.
  11. I guess in general it becomes more easy to come out as something if you already had came out once before. Somehow gathering together in minorities groups such as lgbt+ or others make it more easy to relate to other minorities and see if they fits you, its also more easy to seek out informations you wouldnt otherwise get. I admit that if it wasnt because I knew about being trans I probably wouldnt had known what it ment to be aro, ace, poly, etc or at least not to the level I do now but only the narrow view I learned in school. -- I think it's partly true that we are compared with children or sweet innocent angels opposite of the other stereotype on how evil and troublesome we are. but in general there are just alot of desexualisation and de-romantizising because being disable somehow isnt ideal, and makes people think we are "less a good partner" or whatever.. sad but true. its also why people get so angry about aborting or women getting sterilised, but if a disable person gets sterilised or someone get an abort because the person is disable then its seen as "okay" and totally normal to the point where many actually either are forced to do it, or getting it recomended. I also feel it may be why I have a more easy time when I tell my doctor that I dont want children. (exept for the fact being trans makes it kinda complicated) but I also think it depends alot on what type of disability you have and how visible disable you are. -- btw on the difference, right after I left my special school I entered a regular one and I didnt really notice any change patterns when the topic was on dating, sex etc. not to say I didnt notice anything difference between the two schools they where indeed VERY different, it was kind of an culture shock.
  12. I sometimes get this feeling specially with folks who seams to have their life together or/and have significant others, then my mind goes all "ah they dont need me they have this other person, im just bothering them or I will come across as this " evil ex-type" of annoying person. (notice despite not being an ex or anything I often feel like this because the way I like to have friendships with people are somethimes not too normative and I feel like im making people super jealous and messing up stuff)
  13. I dont think there is anything paticular linked with aromanticism or asexuality with autism. However, Disable people which included Autistic people as well DO get desexualise and deromantizise alot. I just talked with someone who got their dignose a few weeks ago, and they said that their therapist had been surprized how they had sex with people because as she said. "most people like you arnt interesteed in sex?" I grew up on a special school for autistic children. and while sure some seamed to not be interesteed in romance or sex, there where sure also many perverts and many who thought about romantic relationships and dating (which itself was a challange since there where alot more guys than girls and everyone was supposed to be straight) I dont think it would had been too different on a regular school. One thing I noticed to be different is many autistic people have difficulties interracting with others and it makes it difficult to seek out romantic relationships or sexuals once, but having difficulties in these doesnt mean people arnt interesteed.
  14. I had a dream where one of my friends saw me with a girl so she came running to me like "why!! we where supposed to be together!!" and I said: "dont worry we can still adopt 4 cats" IRL we agreed that the idea with cats sounded much better
  15. I would like to live in a town with good healthcare, close to the city so I could easy go to party and where stuff is happening, but also close to the nature when I need a break. I would like some pets a cat or rats, and either live alot in my very small room or in a bigger apartment with one or a few good friends, probably also someone who is queer as well. regardless of that I would like to have a comunity of good friends I can see on regular basic and have a good time with. I would like to have intimate friendships, sexual friendships, friends I can travel with, and in short all type of friends and I wouldnt feel alone.
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