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  1. Yes :3 The christmas special had two points where I wanted to hit the wall or something, but otherwise its a good show. One of them was the scene where the bunch of slurs came up, and they decided to mix in the word 'pig'...seriously? The guy was high as a kite on some hard drugs 24/24 for the last few months, he looks like a zombie, he abandoned his family without a word and that's what you can come up with? That he is/was a cop? Also there were some allonormative things as well.
  2. @SoulWolf and @NullVector I don't want to derail the topic too much, especially that I have already made a whole thread dedicated to the issue. The nature vs. nuture question is an interesting one as well, and also a very sensitive topic.
  3. cw: rant about my shitty mental health I got 4.72 on the anxiety part and 5.83 on the avoidance part. I used the description of a partner as in friend or qpp or as a code for any general relationship. I'm not sure how I got the fearful-avoidant attachment thing, although it does describe me but in a weird reverse way. I do have issues with really high anxiety levels, and surprise surprise it put me into the fearful region, but the rest is quite the opposite. I'm quite the opposite. I tend to worry if my feelings are enough, and I find myself offerin
  4. That's so awkward from the other way around as well. I don't know how many times I had to explain as a teenager that no, I'm not hatin', I'm just really gay. Since then I have learned how to admire people a bit less obviously. Spoiler I think they started to bully me for having leg hair when I was around 9? Anyway, because of how embarrasing they made the whole body hair issue, I did not really dared to talk about it because I felt like a freak. I started to use my dad's razor in secret, but then I got caught with the little nicks and was taken
  5. Parents are tricky to come out to. There are a variety of reactions, they may not be condescending. They may brush it off and go into full on denial. They may get angry. I'd suggest try doing it individually, one on one, and find a calm setting where none of you are disracted. Good luck
  6. so topshop calls their purple lipstick "straight ace"

  7. Oh, the never ending shaving debate. Treating shaving like an effort to cover up a secret is really harmful, especially for children. Pre teen kids should not be bullied into messing with razors and hot wax. Hair removal can be empowering though, especially for transfeminine people. If its something that makes you feel great then go for it. I did this experiment, if I started to pluck my eyebrows in the ladies room, nobody gives a second look. If I tidy up my upper lip, some people get so offended. There is definitely a stigma, some types of body hair are just m
  8. Well if someone aro dates a person romantically, hopefully they made that choice because they want to do so. Unless they were forced to do so, there is not really another option. Its quite unlikely that someone would maintain a relationship by accident...
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