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41 minutes ago, Louis Hypo said:

Mind Reading


WYR holiday in a rainforest or on a small private island?

I do not react to heat well, so private island, preferably with the climate of Iceland?


WYR eat only sweet or only bitter tasting food for the rest of your life?

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Eat 10 sheets of paper. I used to eat paper for fun. And also, no one said anything about not being able to put other food on the paper to make the paper taste better.


WYR be a sentient potato, or be able to communicate with potatoes?



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On 4/22/2016 at 7:16 PM, Louis Hypo said:

Communcation with potatoes

Wish granted ;)


21 hours ago, Cassiopeia said:

WYR have a disabled pet or a very old one?

Disabled, because an old one probably would be disabled anyway. And I'd have more time with my pet.


WYR only be able to eat toothpaste instead of food or only be able to brush your teeth with sauce? (Most intelligent question ever I know)

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Only be able to read or write cause I could just write down what I wanted to say. It could get annoying, but what would be more annoying would be being unable to get a good job or go to school at all...


WYR be the most hated person on the planet or the most loved person on the planet (assuming no one could murder you)? When you think about it, both really suck xD

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