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  1. If anyone is in Southern California, I recommend the San Diego pride parade. It’s in July, and like 100,000 people go. It’s one of the oldest, biggest, most well-established pride parades around. Last time I went (wearing an aro flag shirt), I met a demiro group coordinator too. Can recommend this parade. It’s legit.
  2. Oooooh good name for a bard, that is.
  3. I'd rather eat a knuckle sandwich than get married. And I'm vegetarian, so that's saying even more than it usually would.
  4. DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, YOU SAY ye same here Welcome to Arocalypse! Have some thematically-appropriate ice cream.
  5. I'm in Organic chemistry right now, and we're covering aromatic stabilization. I keep jumping when I hear the word.
  6. It's entirely possible that you are arospec (somewhere on the aromantic spectrum). Your description sounds fully consistent with that. However, when asking "am I aro" you are the only one who can truly answer that question. Looking back, it was really obvious that I was aromantic for a long time. However, it initially took me a while to be certain. You don't have to be sure immediately. Take all the time you need.
  7. Welcome to Arocalypse! The realization isn't always a comforting one, but it's good to hear that you're feeling better now. Enjoy your customary theme-appropriate ice cream!
  8. Someday, I hope we can hear that story. It sounds like something we can all learn from. No rush or necessity to tell it if you don't want to, of course. On a happier note: Welcome to Arocalypse! Have some thematically appropriate ice cream!
  9. EYYYY a fellow ADHD-haver! There's actually quite a few of us around this forum. Like, a disproportionately high number of people. It's getting kind of weird, honestly. "Weird" In the best way, though. Fullmetal Alchemist gives me life. Alphonse is my favorite. Welcome to Arocalypse! I hope you stick around! Have some thematically appropriate ice cream!
  10. ^^^ Yes to all of the above. Note that there's a third attraction spectrum called "aesthetic attraction" which may also lead to confusion. Internal conflicts between Romantic, sexual, and aesthetic spectra can get pretty confusing. Also @Courtney, you may wish to introduce yourself by starting a new topic on the "Welcome and Forum Rules" page. Welcome to Arocalypse!
  11. Just sit back and watch the fireworks! And by fireworks, I actually mean people in weird clothes trying to act like they're comfortable in said clothes. Seriously, who ever thought it would be a good idea to wear a cummerbund? Why does anyone even make those?
  12. I assume you're using the iron from their blood, mitochondria, and digestive enzymes?
  13. I really dig Northern California WMILI
  14. Banned because monotremes (such as echidnas) are too weird for me to comfortably consider them to be mammals, even though I know they technically still are because of their mammary glands.
  15. Sets of armor, eh? Which kind of armor are you referring to? I do some historical martial arts, so I'm always interested to see armor referenced. Enjoy your aro ice cream too!
  16. Welcome! Enjoy the customary aromantic frozen treat! It's thematically appropriate!
  17. Welcome to Arocalypse! Enjoy our customary treat, thematically appropriate ice cream! P.S. You'll find that nerds abound in this forum. It's pretty great.
  18. Welcome to Arocalypse! Enjoy your complimentary pride-colored ice cream. I have also been known to dabble in a Star Trek every now and then.
  19. I used to be thick-skinned. I grew up in Tennessee. Everyone thought I was gay (maybe in part because I was already obviously aro), and made their resultant opinions of me very clear. At a school where about half of your classmates are telling you to convert or die (at age 11-12), you grow a thick skin fast. My thick skin ends with other people. When I hear about any kind of prejudice, or insults between other people, I have difficulty containing my rage. I get this savior complex thing where I need to be an ally. Even if I might make the situation worse by trying. I guess I didn't survive Tennessee just to be disappointed by the people beyond its borders too. Slights don't work on me directly anymore, but if they work on someone else, then they work on me all too well.
  20. Welcome! Working in the marriage industry as an aromantic sounds really tough.
  21. I'd rather study abroad in Australia than get married. Oh wait... It'S HapPenInG
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