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would you rather


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You probably both replied at the same time or something...


46: I'd rather know my future, because I definitely wouldn't want to forget my past (well not all of it)


Louis: Dolphin all the way!


WYR never be able to communicate with other people again or always say everything you think?

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Really right colours...but it would kill me. I hope nothing ever happens to my sight,


WYR eat a strange but appetizing looking dish with unknown ingredients, or food that you know well, but its kinda gross?

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Food that i know well. I could never bring myself to eat something if i didn't know what it is, considering i can barely eat things if i do know what it is; besides foods that i know well. How do i put this, basically any food i don't know doesn't look appetizing.


WYR always have to do a silly walk, or only have one leg?



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Definitely a boat... I've never been on a plane and I would be terrified honestly...


WYR only be able to read (articles and similar things count) or only be able to watch videos/TV?

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