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    1. Louis On Air

      Louis On Air

      Cities skylines 75% off.

  2. Does this work? ________ I don't think it's entirely necessary language, honestly. As a non ace/non aro, sometimes I find it difficult to separate between between romantic and sexual feelings and I'm definitely not the only one. (Just one reason I personally don't like to use the split attraction model for everyone)
  3. You know, TERFs actively harass trans people (primarily trans women), right? And you know that they want us dead? That they've harassed children for being trans, constantly called them rapists? Do you know how many people have died at the hands of TERFs, and how much suffering their hatred has caused? And that trans people have always been part of the LGBT community, whereas ace and aro people (on the basis of being ace/aro) haven't? That is in no way comparable to not wanting (cishet) ace/aro people in LGBT places. Discrimination that ace and aro people isn't heavily overlapped like homophobia and transphobia. There are some similarities, yes, but as ace/aro people haven't been constantly denied basic human rights for their identity/sexuality, it's not on the same level. So, really, comparing trans people to TERFs (especially from a cis person) is a really fucking low blow.
  4. Got a comic con tomorrow! Cosplaying Warren from Life Is Strange. I've spent quite a bit of money already, not including how much I'll spend there... :/

    1. Dodgypotato


      Cool! :P Which shirt of his are you using?

    2. owl


      The Schrödinger's cat one! 

    3. Louis On Air

      Louis On Air

      Nice. That is a good game. Could you show a Polaroid picture of your costume?

  5. I don't know which ones, but its thought that another 3 judges could retire within the next few years. Hopefully the liberal ones will hold on until the next president when someone more liberal could be possibly be appointed.
  6. Not necessarily support to make people relax but lots of lawyers are offering advice and possibly helping out financially for trans people who want to change their name/documents before any possible changes. x
  7. @Louis Hypo No, it's fine, and sorry if that post seemed entirely at you or whatever. It was mainly just a general rant, not completely directed at you.
  8. Not American, thankfully.. but man. It's been a crap week. I can't stand everyone who kept saying him and Clinton were both terrible and there were no differences and "but she's corrupt11!!1" and people who defended anything about him. And people at college who are happy about the result and I'm having to bite my tongue 'cause it's just useless arguing but one of the things I'd be most terrified about is Pence and his LGBT laws, to be honest. Everything else is shitty, but that stuff would make me fear for my life (and I can't speak up about that 'cause I'm closeted) Oh, yeah, the electoral system is crap. Every vote should be equal. I don't think we need to give him a chance. His entire platform was based on hatred. There's going to be a rise in hate crimes (if it hasn't happened already), just like we saw with Brexit. His policies are going to get people killed. Every time they get rid of anti-discriminatory laws, every time they restrict abortion, every time they cut funding to health care (especially HIV/AIDS because fucking Pence), every time they put money into conversion therapy, every single time, people are going to fucking die. Every supreme court justice he could choose (potentially up to 4, which would be devastating) will have power for years, possibly decades after he's left office, who could undue any decent progress the country has ever made. If When we realise how shit the presidency was, it's not going to stop us from doing it again. We've had hateful, bigoted, ignorant people before. Hell, Reagan left thousands dead as a direct result of his policies, and the country's still recovering from his "trickle down economics", and he's seen as a hero amongst Republicans. People like Trump, and Pence, are always going to exist. And at some point or another, they're always going to be elected. Nothing will change that.
  9. Mike Pence took money out of HIV funding and resources and put that into conversion therapy. This result is going to kill LGBT kids all over America. Fuck I'm glad I don't live there, but I'm still so sorry for those that do. 

    1. DannyFenton123


      Trump's going to repeal all executive orders and undo all the progress Obama made. It's gonna  be a rough four years.

    2. aihpen


      Same. America made progress under Obama and now all of it will be gone. I have talked to so many LGBTQ+ Americans on Arocalypse and AVEN and I'm so scared for them and everyone else. I feel like LGBTQ+ issues weren't really talked about as much during this election as they should have been :|

    3. aussiekirkland


      I'm so scared for LGBT+ Americans, I hope they get through this

  10. Since when has non binary been used to refer to anyone who isn't a cis male or cis female?
  11. Well, I'm pretty sure I'm not aro so... Guess I'll post here and if anyone wants to ask me anything, go ahead
  12. Welcome to Arocalypse! Hope you enjoy being here
  13. Welcome to Arocalypse! Glad you found us Hope you enjoy being here and coming to terms with your identity!
  14. Welcome to Arocalypse! Hope you like it here
  15. Any A Level students here? Good luck for your results today! 

    I'm only getting one result but man I'm nervous :( 

    1. Philbo Wiseroot

      Philbo Wiseroot

      Good luck Simmy :)

    2. Louis On Air

      Louis On Air

      I'm starting my A-levels in less than a month!

    3. Louis On Air

      Louis On Air

      But I'm getting my GCSE results on Thursday so good luck to us both (but it ain't about luck is it?)

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