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  1. Hello Internet is the only one I'm listening to currently (I can't be bothered to give a link, but it's easily google-able if you want to look it up)
  2. Welcome to Arocalypse! Hope we're useful to you
  3. It's a pufferfish. Is it the part which kills you? Is it the part that's safe to eat? There's only one way to find out and if you refuse to eat it this lovely person standing next to you will shoot you instead. I wish Robot Wars wasn't ending this Sunday.
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  5. We use slag in the same way but we say slag off rather than just slag.
  6. It's fine to be bad at things you've not tried before, it's part of learning. So you should go for it! As Cass says, you should make sure you're communicating well with your audience (even if you were trying to create mystery, it's still important to communicate with your audience that you are creating mystery and that there are things they don't know and might want to figure out. But orientation wouldn't be a suitable topic for mystery most of the time anyway). I would say the key things for improving a creative skill are research, evaluation and practice. So, if you're not sure how to write the sort of relationship you plan to portray you should research it. That can be by reading other people's work, evaluating it and figuring out what is good about what they've done; you could search the internet for people talking about their relationships and how they view them, how they act in them, then consider how your characters would view those people's relationships. Then, put what you've found out/figured out into practice. You could do this by diving head first into the writing project and then read it back and re-draft over time until it works out how you want it, or maybe by writing a short scene to test applying what you've learnt so you don't have to re-draft so much later.
  7. Do NOT spend time away from Arocalypse because when you come back you'll have forgotten your password and spend an hour typing random things in >:( Also, hi!

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      At least you got back in! Welcome back!

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      Philbo Wiseroot

      Welcome back. I missed you!

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      Welcome back! :) 

  8. Hi, welcome to the forums
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