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Early signs that you were aro


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well, when i was younger people started developing crushes and during sleepovers we would share them and stuff, but i never had a crush ever so i sort of just picked a random guy in the class. after that everyone shipped us together all the time and it was a very uncomfortable experience for both of us because he liked someone else. as i got older i always had a burning rage for couples or something idk. i never liked romance stories, books, shows and movies. as a kid i always closed my eyes during a kissing scene but now that im more mature i dont do that anymore but it still makes me uncomfy. i dont understand how love works. i dont even understand how someone could find someone else hot or attractive? is it only me?

sorry if i made any mistakes english is not my first language <3

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Whenever we'd play fuck, marry, kill (or kiss, marry, kill when we were younger) I'd always think about my answers very logically and seriously. I thought about income and temperament when choosing who to marry and about how much the person I'd kill would be missed or if the world would be any better with them gone. My friends, who just wanted to know who I had a crush on, were dissapointed, but in my mind I was winning the game. 

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