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  1. I agree with most of the thoughts shared on this thread! I have had fellow lgbtq+ friends tell me that I "don't count" or that I'm "basically straight", which definitely comes off as exclusive and hurtful. I've also been told I have a disease or mental illness, and that I'm making it up or faking it to "be special". I don't think it's anyone's place to assume the level of discrimination or hardship someone has experienced based on a label, and we should focus on bringing awareness and support to all minorities out there. Competition for "who's the most oppressed" doesn't accomplish anything, and instead only minimizes the struggles of others.
  2. I have a small bracelet with the beads colored the aroace flag
  3. Idk if anyone has done Harry Potter yet but.. I totally headcannon Charlie Weasley as aroace. I mean, if dragons were real I would definitely be studying them too..
  4. I have labeled myself as a ''Professional wingman'' as a running gag because I help my friends ask people out and stuff, but I definitely have no idea what is really happening when it comes to flirting or relationships. I still sometimes ask my friends about how a crush feels and they describe bizarre things that sound unhealthy but oh well apparently that is normal... I'm definitely kinda sick of the ''oooh who's your crush??'' question though...
  5. Man, what happened to High School being "The best years of your life"?

    1. Holmbo


      I feel like whoever said this must have had a miserable adulthood. I find adulthood to be great. I'm such a better person now in my thirties then I ever was as a teen or even in my twenties.

  6. When people take someone from a show who shows no romantic interest (which is rare enough as it is) and ship said character with everyone and everything. When people say that being aro is just an "excuse to not be called single/ a virgin" When movies have a story about someone who says they're not interested in a relationship and then they get a "happy ending" by finding their true love or whatever, as if they needed fixing. Finally, when people say "that's not real/ so many labels nowadays.. You'll find the one someday just you wait.."
  7. I've been struggling lately.. anyone else?

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    2. frutiger aro

      frutiger aro

      yup. as much as i love autumn my mental health always takes a sudden plunge to hell this time of year (thanks seasonal depression!) so i've been really struggling with that these past couple months. hope things get better for y'all soon!


    3. alto


      Me too.  Had some drama with a friend.

    4. Isa1116


      Sorry, I hope it gets better everyone:)

  8. I like tubing, does that count? tpbm goes to the gym
  9. I ask my friends about this and they start listing off symptoms of a panic attack 😭
  10. I'm offended that you assumed we would know that
  11. I'm offended that your pfp is threatening me like excuse me put the knife down
  12. Ah I used to be obsessed with Warrior cats lol. I chose mine because I like Mandalorians and "Echo" has just kind of been my online tag in everything.
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