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  1. I think that I might be a little bit cupioromantic 

  2. Did you come out yet and if you did how was it?

  3. Heyo this place seems fun
  4. My friends were very accepting and cool about it when I came out to them. My parents not so much. But they are getting better I'll try to keep this short. When I first "told" them (I was outed and then forced to come out), they weren't accepting. Even though they had a lot of time beforehand to research the aro/ace "label", they didn't. So they had no idea what it meant. They had told me that I'm "too young" and "too immature" and I wouldn't know and stuff like that. The worst reaction that I ever got (from my parents, after they forced me to come out) was definitely this: "It makes us sad that you think that you'll never experience love." They are trying to get better but at the same time I don't trust them.
  5. Thank you guys, I didn't use this website as a resource for reasons similar to these, and thank you again. I will be careful, and I hope you all have a great day! Again, thanks you guys so much, I am so grateful for you guys :)
  6. I would just like to thank everyone! I really appreciate the help!! :D (Not that anyone asked but I have sent her the document and I am continuing to update it) :)
  7. Hello! I just wanted to ask if anyone had any links or good websites to check out for information on Aromanticism (and/or) Asexuality! It has come to my attention that my school's counselor didn't even know what either of these terms meant, and she has expressed that she would like to know more. :) I just want to make a list of websites for her! ( I also really want this google doc to be able to be helpful for anyone! Anyone who want's to understand, figure stuff out, and share information!) I can post the link of the google doc if anyone wants to use it, and I hope that you guys can help! Have a great day everyone!
  8. Ayo what's up fellow children teens? :)
  9. Ayo I'm back and doing pretty gooooood

    How are y'all?    

    1. AroAcedragon13


      hi! i'm pretty good.:frog:

    2. Storm_leopardcat


      Fine, Alhumdulilah!

  10. I tried to come out, and "it" was rejected, so yeah! I can relate! I'm not technically "out" but I really don't care anymore. I don't want to have to ide this part of me so I'm not going to. They can b*tch about it all they want but in the end it doesn't affect them
  11. I might leave the site for a little while, I am confused and just need time to process everything,  thank you all for being so kind and accepting. Have a great day y'all

  12. Just a place! Anyone got any good aroace memes? Any good aroace wallpapers? Artwork that looks cool? Post it in here :)
  13. Okay, so their not really aromantic, but more asexual, but I think that it should be fine if I post them here! :) Spencer Reid (from Criminal Minds): Biromantic Asexual Newt Scamander (from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them): (okay, I originally head cannoned him as aroace, but then he got a LOVE INTEREST IM STILL MAD AT THEM FOR THAT) so now I just head canon him as asexual
  14. I'm planning on coming out to my parents as aroace on Wednesday OOF I DID NOT THINK THIS THROUGH BUT IM GONNA DO IT 

    PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE anyone have ANY advice for coming out as aroace???? 

    1. AroAcedragon13


      I've come out a few times but only to friends so its a bit different than parents.The first time was the hardest because I was so scared but I can promise you it is so worth it.I came out over text the first time and then most of the others just kinda happened unexpectedly.I made sure that I knew what their thoughts were on lgbtq+ things were before I even considered coming out to them though. I would come up with a plan on how you want to do it and then when you are ready try and follow that plan but sometimes the best thing to do is wing it and go with the flow. I wish you the best of luck and remember you're valid no matter what.

    2. TheNothingFairy


      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thank you!! I honestly feel a lot better after reading this, and thank you!  :D   

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