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I'd rather ... than get Married


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I'd rather hopefully win the current record-breaking lottery jackpot and use the winnings to:

  • pay all my debts to my parents
  • pay-off all of my family's loans and debts
  • get my mother her dream car
  • purchase the vacant lot next to our house
  • renovate/remodel/repair the current house and expand and paint it using the purchased lot
  • make an office for the family business
  • invest in a food-based franchise(s)
  • donate to our charities of choice
  • get back to that weight-loss program that I abruptly stopped more than 4 years ago
  • get a gym and yoga membership
  • go back to therapy
  • have me and everyone in my family get a general check-up
  • fix and upgrade my grandparents' house (as promised to my late grandfather)
  • have a new PC build that's up-to-date with the current hardwares in the market
  • travel to Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Norway, Italy, France, Canada and Hong Kong as a family or alone
  • watch my/our very first live Singapore Grand Prix (even better if it's in the Paddock Club)
  • and split the remaining money equally with my family and put it in our respective savings

than get married.

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Have a million dollars. I really want to be married so I can ruin all the traditions, scream I object, and wear jeans and a ratty sweatshirt. I’m just an immature jerk, so that’s how much I want to mess up my own wedding.

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