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  1. I always understood "platonic love" as romantic love without the sexual component.
  2. I used to, but had one relationship that lasted ca 2 months and then decided I'd rather not have another one.
  3. In the future it's going to be less relevant anyway. Virtual realities will enable anyone to experience being the opposite sex including the sexual sensations. We are also going to have brain transplants, why would my next body be the same sex as the old one? Identifying is another issue, you can have a penis but it doesn't have to belong to the core of your identity.
  4. In this way most people are non-binary. Few people completely conform to the masculine or feminine archetype.
  5. My big 5 results: openness 41% conscientiousness 53% extraversion 36% agreeableness 70% neuroticism 63% But I think I'm more extraverted than the test says ?
  6. For aro allos the most important question of aromanticism is: How can I get laid without having a relationship?
  7. I feel loved by my cousin and my best friend. I think that's enough.
  8. @TripleA You are bisexual. Actual heterosexual men find the male genitalia, or idea of flirting sexually with another man unsettling to say the least. Perhaps they might enjoy sexual activity with another man when isolated from women, as in prison or all-boy school. But this is not the case for you. I don't think it's necessary for a bisexual to experience the same amount of attraction to men and to women.
  9. Any concept was invented by an individual, and this individual should be credited rather than a community.
  10. I am aroallo, so definitely yes! It looks more joyful than the yellow-white-grey aro flag I've seen before. I've also made an "arrows" version: Aroaces already have a different flag, this one is strictly for aroallos.
  11. Back when I was religious I interpreted them as songs about love of God.
  12. Would Maeve and Sinbad in the Canadian adventure series count as a QPR couple? Also, for non-asexuals, is there sexual desire involved?
  13. This is also a fine point. For example a robot is gender neutral, but not androgynous. In my case though, androgynous works pretty well. I have some masculine traits like interest in warfare, and some feminine traits like need for emotional expression.
  14. AFAIK QPR is only for two people, it's exclusive and thus I see it as a kind of pair bonding. Stuff like "thinking all day about the other" or "butterflies" is not present in people who have been married for 20 years, but you wouldn't deny their relationship is romantic. Speaking oddly to one's boyfriend or girlfriend? I don't think it's common at all! We have to separate the essential concept of pair bonding (which traditionally leads to marriage) from pop-culture cruft surrounding it.
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