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  1. Banned for trying to ban someone for a similar reason they banned the last one for.
  2. Banned for having cryptic pfp.
  3. I have a squish. Their one of my closest friends and I love them so much. Sometimes, I go to bed thinking about them. I don’t really know what to do about it either. At this point, I’m just trying to make memories with them in hopes of climbing the friends list. I’m sorry my advice couldn’t be more helpful.
  4. Any fans can probably tell that I like danganronpa from my Rantaro profile picture. Does anyone here like Danganronpa? Can we agree that Rantaro is totally aro? Who are your favorite characters? What’s your favorite game? I like number 1, my favorite characters are Rantaro, (obv) Chihiro, and Togami. If anyone here is looking for a fun visual novel/game in general, you should really check out Danganronpa.
  5. Intj! I took the test and I also looked at the chart to decide, and I got intj both times.
  6. I guess it’s like this. Imagine you were someone’s best friend. They said you were their favorite, you knew they were your favorite, and you loved them more than anyone else in the world. Now imagine they were forced to choose one of two people to never see again. What if you were chosen? Would you be hurt? What if they never told you they liked the other person, or that they would never see you again? Would it hurt more or less if the other person was your friend? It’s not about it being wrong to have another friend, it’s that they didn’t trust you to know they were friends. They told this ot
  7. I used to think I had crushes. I was just getting to know LGBT at the time, and so when I felt squishes for people, I would try to force the squishes into the box of “romance”. One example is the guy in one of my old classes. He was so smart, he didn’t care what other people thought, and I thought he was brilliant. I was to scared to approach, but even then I realized that my deep desire was for friendship, not love. The thing that made me fully realize that this wasn’t limerance, was when he was talking with his friends and one of them mentioned he was gay. This was supposed to tear me up ins
  8. I love your poem. It really embodies the aromantic struggle.
  9. If you have any mythology books about Artemis or Diana, that’s super iconic. (Sorry I’m way late)
  10. No, even better then ice cream, milkshakes! Imagine making a milkshake with layers of food dye in aro colors! It would probably mix together at some point, but it would be great for the first few minutes
  12. Happy you could join this wiki! Everyone is super cool here and we’ll all make an effort to try to find solutions to your problems, some fun, or information whenever you need it!
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