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  1. Being asked who I like, replying with no-one and having zero people believe me
  2. My parents were concerned that I'd be lonely, they asked a lot of questions (so did my sister) but they all did accept me and I'm v v lucky for that. My friends didnt seem to care all that much, I'm pretty sure they already knew just without the label attached. Anyone new that I meet always asks questions or feels sorry for me or both and I have to educate.
  3. I dont like kissing I think it's weird and gross (for me not for other people) Hugs I tolerate, like I'll hug my family and close friends if they like hugs, if someone hugs me I'll hug them back but I dont love hugs and I would never initiate a hug really. Cuddles I do not understand, I dont get the social standard of when does the cuddle stop? It just feels uncomfortable to me, I guess I would cuddle my family but only for like max 2 minutes because I get fidgety.
  4. Your points are all really good, I think you've got pretty much everything in terms of aromantic people, might be good to do the same for the ace side if you haven't already. Thank you for bringing aromantic inclusivity! 🥰
  5. For your consideration - "Show Yourself" from Frozen 2
  6. Yeah, I get that too. For me, its more I see people in relationships and I'm like, I don't want that but what am I supposed to do in my future if not that? How do I prevent lonliness when it seems everyone in my life is going to leave me for a romantic partner. Its not like we get told about any other options. I suppose its important to remember and try to tell ourselves that we are not broken, its just as normal to not feel attraction as it is to feel it and society as a whole kind of ignores that fact. Its hard not to feel broken when society makes you feel that you are. It sucks. But
  7. Joe from little women sccrreeaammmss aro ace to me!
  8. SOMEONE MENTIONED STEVEN UNIVERSE, hi hello! I'm so not ready for this show to end aa
  9. I hope the forum can be saved, this place is really helpful
  10. I do accept my romantic identity and my sexuality and I know I'm not broken but sometimes, I'll think about people in romantic relationships and how they look so happy, like I know I don't want that and I'm happy without it but you know when the world at large doesn't show another option it does make me feel broken. Like there's something wrong with me. I know that isn't true but, I feel it anyway sometimes.
  11. Awh, that's still good! It just depends what happens with her and what she wants in the future
  12. Yeah, thats what I'm thinking too! Its so hard to find, especially since aromanticism is quite the underground romantic identity.
  13. I put up aro awareness posters at my uni, they also ended up posted on AVEN's twitter so thats good!
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