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  1. dude thats so cool! my brother and i kinda accidentally got matching figures, because his girlfriend had given me one of the main characters from a show we all like and i gave my brother the other main character.
  2. i listen to this all the time. it might be my favourite non-vocaloid song.
  3. i dated someone in elementary, but there was no love in the relationship from either side. none from me because i don't feel that shit, i just wanted to play with someone and none from him because he turned out to not actually care about my feelings at all. helps (or doesn't help, i guess) that we were in fifth grade. edit: i just realized this might not exactly count. oh well.
  4. at least, for me it is. did you guys get anything? what did you get? i got a cool vocaloid calendar, some new sweaters, sick combat boots, and an atari flashback plug-and-play.
  5. i'd rather my parents continuously ask when i'm gonna find someone than get married.
  6. my parents didn't let me watch real movies, but i remember being terrified of Elmo In Grouchland and the Wizard Of Oz 2. yeah, that movie has a sequel.
  7. ive been watching a lot of Strange Aeons recently, shes a lesbian and she got pretty popular recently because of a video she made criticizing the onion trash.
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