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  1. I’d rather fall of my bed every morning than get married
  2. A ziplock bag... it takes at least 14 trys to open it and it has a 50% chance of ripping upon being unzipped.
  3. Berry

    Corrupt a Wish

    It will still rain, but sadly you will never be able to see or hear it. You’ll have to check the weather everyday, otherwise you might just get rained on while going for a walk. I wish I could sing
  4. Berry

    would you rather

    Haunted by ghost, then I’ll know there is some sort of after life. would you rather have a toy/decor that keeps breaking, or a toy/decor that can never be cleaned.
  5. Ymbai you didn’t know that a crush was different from romantic love.
  6. I can say this ”no fricking, no kissing, no dating” 😊
  7. Yeh, I kinda denied my aromaticism for like a whole year and forgot about it. I remembered it because of conversations at school and now I have been exploring the community, terms, and just aromantic stuff in general. After reading about how other people feel and listening to music, like “never been in love” I have become really happy to have figured out that I am aromatic so early in life and it has honestly made my life less stressful. I even made an aroace bracelet that I wear everyday to support myself, because sometimes when I notice a couple I get kinda sad, so I just look at my bracelet as a little reminder that I’m okay. Somedays I am not proud of being aroace, and other days I am ecstatic to be aroace, but just a little reminder that I am okay helps me on days were I am not proud. However it took a lot of effort just to make that reminder and I am still putting in a ton of effort into accepting myself so I can always be proud. Sidenote, I mentioned ace because I figured out that I was ace by exploring the community!
  8. I acted out stories about stuff animals being madly in love
  9. Berry

    would you rather

    Mental! Would you rather have every sunrise/sunset be beautiful or would you rather be able to perfectly recreate your favorite dish.
  10. One already used sheet of toilet paper.
  11. Haaahaahaaaaahhhhhh nope. you get a million dollars but your best friend will turn into a cactus!
  12. Banned for the contradiction between the Water and Phoenix in your username
  13. Berry

    Corrupt a Wish

    Sadly they will mess up your new name’s spelling so badly that the country decides to ban it. I wish I could always be wrapped in a blanket.
  14. I rather take the stairs all the way up to the top of the 1,341 tallest building than get married
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