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  1. Banned for threatening to cause the end of the world.
  2. I'm probably never visiting the forums again. The Discord is more convenient to use, in any case. To those of you who only have accounts here, I guess I bid you good-bye. Take care, all aros! :aropride: :D


  3. I found the word on AVEN, and then everything just... clicked for me.
  4. I pulled a rib muscle at 2AM and didn't get back to sleep for an hour.

  5. It's cold where I am :(

  6. I got my wisdom teeth out a few days ago. I can only eat purees for two weeks πŸ˜•

    1. Emerald Cheetah

      Emerald Cheetah

      ouch! I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in mid July. Glad to see you're still alive thoΒ πŸ˜ƒ

  7. Banned for not knowing there's an ice pheonix too πŸ˜†
  8. Saying "big mood" when you find something relatable.
  9. Welp, guess we're not making progress politically for three years.

    1. Apathetic Echidna

      Apathetic Echidna

      uuuh. Well I assume the Adani welcome mat will be rolled out now and the banks will get away with being shady money-grabbers

  10. I haven't had much tea, although I love coffee.
  11. It's a shorter read than I expected. πŸ˜› I don't have much to actually add that others haven't said apart from that I appreciated the piece.
  12. Let's see. Hour long propaganda video, shutting out criticism, saying that they're going to virtually starve for ten days... Yeah, nothing here is worth my time.
  13. I'm fine with anything above 18C, but anything below that feels usually feels very cold to me. The hottest I know I've ever personally been outside for is 37C, and that was 10 years ago.
  14. I feel awful today. I'm both mentally and physically ill.

    1. Apathetic Echidna

      Apathetic Echidna

      are you feeling better today? big chocolate covered gift hugs to you if not

    2. Ace of Amethysts

      Ace of Amethysts

      Yeah, I'm all better thankfully :D

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