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  1. In my opinion, this doesn't matter, because when you write a story, you should always have your soul's desires and preferences at the forefront. If others don't understand the story and it doesn't become a New York Times bestseller, so what? You put your authenticity into your work and you answered your soul's yearning. As long as you can revisit your story with fondness and the ability to relate to it, that's all that matters, and you've achieved success.
  2. Yesterday, I was walking around my neighborhood, and I saw a dead tree branch sticking out of someone's recycling bin. It made me think, "Who would put a dead tree branch into their recycling bin? Tree branches can't be recycled!"

  3. Have you heard the term cupioromantic before? A cupioromantic person is someone who doesn't feel romantic attraction, but wants to be in a romantic relationship.
  4. Exactly. OP, I would definitely recommend to sit down with your girlfriend and tell her, in detail, the evolution of your emotional discovery. Part of being a sovereign being is to be honest to yourself and to others. This is something I'm striving to do every day. If your girlfriend doesn't take it kindly, oh well. Do you have her parents' contact info? If not, get it, and let them know if she tries to attempt such a thing. Based on this, I think it would be wise to part ways from her temporarily after you end it, so she can let her feelings for you subside. If she doesn't take time away from you before you two jump into friendship, I worry her feelings for you might linger longer, and might even get stronger, as I imagine she'd be contacting you regularly. After her feelings for you have subsided, I'd say it's safe to enter friendship. This one may be a bit risky, though, as her feelings for you could return, and I don't think there's any way for you to know for sure if she's over you romantically and sexually.
  5. Do you want to compete for championships? I think that'd be a thriller with a whole range of emotions, from anticipation (from earning an opportunity to compete in a championship match) to excitement (from winning a championship) to sadness (from losing the championship to someone else).
  6. Sorry, I'm a bit confused. What do you mean by "100% female"? That part kind of eluded me.
  7. With my parents (and other family), I kind of feel that my ace and aro identities need to be secret. I don't fear their disapproval, etc, but the thought of telling them feels so wrong in my body. With everyone else, it's neutral. I don't want to keep it a secret, but I don't want to blurt it out randomly to them.
  8. I do not want kids. First off, procreation requires sex, and I am absolutely repulsed by sexual stuff (I'm asexual). I'd rather take a bullet to the head. Also, overpopulation is an issue today. I won't be contributing to that. I do, however, want pets (namely, a cat or two, and an African Grey).
  9. One time, my dad and I (and maybe my sister) were at the movie theater, waiting for our movie to begin. We were watching the pre-movie commercials. Apparently, in one of the commercials, there was a girl, and my dad leaned toward me and said something similar to "she's cute, isn't she?" I replied, "not as cute as Katie [Katie is my really fluffy and cute cat]". Now that I think about it, I look back on that moment with a little annoyance.
  10. Hanging out with someone and talking to them, etc., is platonic to me. Holding hands, kissing, flirting, etc., are all seen as romantic to me.
  11. As an aroace, I'm sex-repulsed and romance-averse. If anyone were to express either romantic or sexual feelings toward me (or, God forbid, BOTH), I'd say to them something along the lines of: "Hey, I'm a sovereign being, and I don't want anything to do with sex or romance. Please don't touch me."
  12. What about us aros who are also asexual? What does that make us? Prudes?
  13. What's your dream career? Are you in your dream career now? My dream career is in the waste and recycling industry. I would like to tackle recycling issues, like curbside recycling. I either want to start my own trash company, or get hired by Waste Management or Republic Services. Right now, I'm a once-in-a-while volunteer at my local recycling center, and I'm an aspiring recycling/waste advocate at my local Smith's (where I work as a Courtesy Clerk). I'm excited to read what the career passions of fellow aros are! P.S., To you asexuals, there's also a trash company called "Ace"!
  14. I wonder if there are aros who are arophobic, and aces who are acephobic.
  15. The word "remember" is only said twice throughout this song, but both times, it is so distinct and beautiful-sounding. I think you'll like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5B1lOmU5LM
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