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  1. I’d rather fall of my bed every morning than get married
  2. A ziplock bag... it takes at least 14 trys to open it and it has a 50% chance of ripping upon being unzipped.
  3. Berry

    Corrupt a Wish

    It will still rain, but sadly you will never be able to see or hear it. You’ll have to check the weather everyday, otherwise you might just get rained on while going for a walk. I wish I could sing
  4. Berry

    would you rather

    Haunted by ghost, then I’ll know there is some sort of after life. would you rather have a toy/decor that keeps breaking, or a toy/decor that can never be cleaned.
  5. Ymbai you didn’t know that a crush was different from romantic love.
  6. I can say this ”no fricking, no kissing, no dating” 😊
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