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  1. I had a nightmare where I was being stalked and chased by the bachelor. I kinda laughed when I woke up because of how aro it was. 

  2. I thought I was a heartless bitch who only cared about sex and would always use everyone. Or someone who could never be able to satisfied herself with anyone because secretely too much of a stupid narcissistic. I never had a really great self-esteem but still that's what an alloromantic society can do to people. It's disgusting. I still hate myself for other things but at least now I know this particular issue really isn't my fault.
  3. So here's my really really long novel about my sexual attraction. Because it's something that I figured out basically last week so really new and something that is really really complicated (that's why it took me a ton of tiiiime) so if you're interest in a random person's weird and complicated sexual attraction hope you'll enjoy. If not, I really don't blame you. I probably wouldn't read that for someone else either. It was still therapeutic for me to write it I realized really recently that I'm not allo heterosexual like I thought all my life. It's something that I've always been sure about because I have a really higher libido than average and has always been really obsessed with sex. Especially since I'm 100% aro, I think I was really overcompensating because what I thought was sexual attraction was the only one I could feel (except platonic but I've really overcompensated on that too I was obsessed with having a best friend it was borderline creepy). I never felt aesthetic attraction which I thought was just me being not superficial. Before I realized that it's not that at all since being superficial would be only liking someone for their looks when feeling aesthetic attraction is just recognizing that someone looks in a way that we find artistically beautiful. I never did. It can be weird to imagine but to me everyone looks not the same but just really plain. What I feel are vibes which is not like charisma at all. It's what I call emotional and intellectual attraction. I need to say that I'm precocious and that makes me really really good at feeling emphatically what others people are feeling and understanding their proccessus of thought and reflexions. That creates two other forms of attraction for me. I can be attracted to someone if I sense they share an intense set of emotions that I'm close to. Mostly sadness if they share a sadness that seems similar to the one I can feel sometimes I feel like I could easily connect emotionally to them and that makes me want to be close to them and share deep personal problems about my life or just things that could trigger a really emotional moment (even if it's with a stranger. It's never us crying it's just that I feel other emotions even it's unconscious and it connects with mine. There's not even the need to be talking it's just being in sync emotionally). I also feel intellectual attraction which is something that officially exist I think. Anyway if it doesn't it's an attraction I feel so it clearly exists to me and that's what matters. It's when I'm instinctively perceptive enough to truly understand how a person process of thoughts and dealing with emotion or just dealing with everything seems like they're really unique and interesting person (they don't have to be in sync to me aaaat all compared to emotional attraction) I feel like I can have deep philosophical conversations with them or just really learn a lot from their experiences and create a really special bond that if associate to platonic attraction can create a really great relationship even stronger than friendship (especially if it's paired with emotional attraction that's like the ultimate combination). It doesn't have to be tho. I don't want to be friends with everyone I feel intellectually attracted to. A lot of times they have really shitty personalities but that's what's really attractive. Because they're people that are really don't necessarily like or have anything in common with me. But they expose to me another point of view of things and push me to challenge myself and be more aware of nuances in life. When it concerns sexual attraction it's really complicated to me and mostly really really new (which is why it's so complicated I think). Because yeah it hit me like 1 month ago I think that I was really not attracted to people. I've discovered that I'm Androcupiosexual (which is a combination of androsexual and cupiosexual I guess it doesn't technically officially exists but it makes sense to me and it's my label so I'm pretty sure I'm that). Which mean that I'm sexually attracted to male (androsexual) and that even if I'm not sexually attracted to people I want to have sexual relationships. I'm sexually attracted to male bodies but never to people which made me think I was heterosexual and then I listened to what heterosexual people had to say about being sexually attracted to people and that's not me because they're sexually attracted to peooople. They can have fantasies about people because it's these person in particular that they can want. It's something that I never felt. I've tried before to format myself to have celebrity crushes and fantasies because everyone had them. I realized pretty soon that I'd better focus on the sexual part of that than on the romantic part because obviously it didn't seem interesting at all to me to have a celebrity crush to marry me and take me on dates but sexual relationship yeah it could be fun to imagine. Like I said I've always been obsessed and interested by sex. But even if I was interested in the idea because it seems fun and I had some celebrities in mind that I felt I could get along with because I felt intellectually or emotionally attracted to (it's easy to tell when they're artists like actors or singers) and that's like really TMI but I've never felt turned on by thinking about them. Thinking about scenarios where I had sex yeah that's super cool super great but I just thought about sex and eventually about bodies because that's what turned me on at the end of the day. I never thought someone was hot because I actually don't get sexually attracted to people and the fact that I don't feel either aesthetic attraction makes it worst. Btw so you can imagine because I feel like it's weird to imagine since I've never met anyone else ever in my life that didn't fell aesthetic attraction. When I say I'm attracted to male bodies that's like every one. Someone with a muscular body do not seem more appealing in any way than someone with a bigger body and a bit of tummy fat. It's the same level of attraction to both. Which takes it back to Cupiosexual because I want sexual relationships. I would love to have a qpp I could have sex with because I think it's something really fun and that I don't really mind. Which I feel is what's cupio is. "I don't mind" that's the key. It's not something that I crave for (I mean my libido sometimes but not really me). It's not something that I'll actively searched for and in the end it wouldn't bother me at all to live the rest of my life only being with myself on that part. It's not something that I need as opposed to friendship, emotional and intellectual connections (I feel lonely, ununderstood and useless without these types of relationships/encounters) but it's something that I don't mind. If a friend that I'm close to wants to have sex with me well yeah okay why not. (not my best friend tho that would be really weird and creepy to me) If it's good for them sure, it'll be probably neutral for me (better with someone with a male's body that's for sure but I still don't care that much). Because these type of relationships interest me. I don't need to have another form of attraction to have sexual interactions with someone (for me that is platonic, emotional or intellectual) but I can't have sexual interactions with someone if I am deeply unattracted to them with another form of attraction. In order it's Intellectual is the most important, then emotional than platonic. I think I could have sex with someone that is really repulsive to me platonically/friendshiply (because platonically seems like neutral to me when friendshiply is more positive so you get it) but I really don't think I could if they're emotionally or intellectually repulsive to me. I think it could balanced itself tho like I probably could if I'm super super super intellectually attracted to them but they're really emotionally repulsive to me. (because intellectual attraction is the most important one to me)
  4. I just recieved my aro flag and it's so pretty and huuuge and I am so happy. It was a pain to have it down and made me really anxious but damn am I happy of the result. It is so awesooooome. I've never felt more proud of being aro. I wanna use it as a cape and wave it in everyone's faces like a queeen ♥

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      Maybe I'll take a pic to put it as my avatar. We'll see x) 

  5. Can you email her back again asking for her to make a public statement about that and supporting of aromantics. Because it's pretty and all but if she really supports us she should clear that thing up right now because her intentions could easily get out of context like with that article and she should probably dissociate herself from the potential nasty consequences right now. Even if people probably won't care about her statement in the long run, at least for her and for us it's important that she shows her support. Openly. A statement is nothing to her it's like 5 minutes of her time, but it could mean a lot to us.
  6. Oh don't worry, I was just being sarcastic because that's how I am but I totally get your point and I'm sorry if I offended you a bit. I was in no way mad with your point of view or anything. It's nothing against you it's just me being sarcastic and annoyed at this article I'm sorry I realize now it could have be seen as rude. It's because I usually don't put smiley on my text either. It's making it hard to understand my intention. It's my bad. But don't worry I really never blamed you I'm only pissed at this article and situation.
  7. Yeah because giving extra credit to people who have the ability and "want" to date is definitely not discrimination against aromantics, arospec, anxious people, people already in relationships and just basically anyone that isn't interested by her program. It's discriminatory because it's linked to people personal life, there's no way this can't be discriminatory if you bound personal life with study courses. I mean it's a private school so I guess there's not this issue that much but like she said the one asking had to pay. And the one asking is the one having the extra credit ? So that makes it really complicated for people without a lot of money to really engage as well. I'm so pissed off by this. Do write about that to the Washington Post. I would really enjoy reading that.
  8. Okay so I haven't read all the answer to this thread at all because I'm lazy I guess but I just want to step in to actually defend that test. Because if you read the test in absolutely no way they say having a high score is a good thing because you have access to romantic love. They actually denunciate this. Don't get offended it's clearly good to have a lesser score. I think the results should have been worded differently. Because it associate codependency to the feeling of romantic love but it does it in a bad way tho. I mean maybe it's my aro mind speaking but to me it clearly seems like having a higher result is really bad from the POV of the person doing this test. I mean: AUTHOR James Park is an existential philosopher and author of New Ways of Loving: How Authenticity Transforms Relationships, the first chapter of which is called "Romantic Love is a Hoax! Emotional Programming to 'Fall in Love' " __________________________ It's pretty obvious. The test is supposed to be really hard and the question are supposed to be hardcore because the good result (in the mind of the author) is to have the less yes possible. Don't do this test it's clearly not neutral at all. I'm sure there's some better out there that doesn't associate experiencing romantic attraction to automatically being codependent and irrational. @aro_elise Well yeah, allos can be a bit irrational sometimes but I really think that test don't put them in a good light at all. It's clearly from the point of view of someone that is against romantic relationship and think in the extreme situations. It's making allos seems crazy. It's like if we were to took a test made by really romantic centrist allos that are completely obssessive and dependent and romance we would seem like cold, depressed, sociopath. We're clearly not. But it's easy to make people seem crazy depending on your point of view. This test is really unreliable and I really don't think it should be used as reference for aros to understand allos.
  9. Sorry for my language but this is so f**ked not even only for aros but for anxious people, people that aren't out yet like the person before said. It puts romance even more in the center of things. What is the response of people ? I really really hope they'll be scandalized by this because I can't believe people would actually support this.
  10. @aro_elise That's actually what I talked with m'y bestfriend yesterday (she's bi, arospec and might ne ace-spec too) the thing is well fristly I am attracted to men's body but as a general term. I dont have any preferences even if the person look very different because I'm not attracted to one's body specifically I'm attracted to all body type and all. It doesn't make me want to have sex with every man I see tho not at all it's just that if I've got that vibe I'll always say why not because I do not have any turn off physically. Secondly, I just don't get along with women in the first place. I don't think it's due to attractions at all. I just think it's because I had bad experiences with bullying by women and that made it hard to me to be friends with women. Mostly straight ones because I swear to god they mostly talk about their boyfriends all the time and it's a real struggle. I'm also really close to my bestfriend and I'm pretty sure I would say absolutely no way and find the idea ridiculous if she'd ask to have sex with me. I don't know if it's because I'm really close to her which would make it Weird or because I would think she's gone crazy because I know I'm the complete opposite of her type in girls. I'm not completely opposed to the idea of having sex with women. But it's definerely not something I'm actively looking at nor something I think I would enjoy but if I like someone enough and they propose I think it doesn't cost me that much to do it. But it's more neutral than positive when with guys it's positive. That's why I'm pretty pretty sure I'm not homosexual or bi. I really don't think I'm heterosexual anymore with all these comments but I don't think I'm completely asexual (which I didn't think in the first place but still) because there is a difference between women and men for me. Maybe it's not sexual attraction maybe it is I do not know.
  11. Yes that actually helps a lot because that's what I've heard people talk about that made me recently question my sexuality. Because for me my sexual orientation would be more of a woah that person is cool, I've got a good vibe about them they're interesting, we could have sex I wouldn't mind. But I never had a craving/hunger to have sex with someone. I can have this craving to have sex but never with someone in mind I think it's just my libido. I do not have at all the good-looking factor. Because for me it doesn't have anything to do with how they look but more of what vibe they seem to have. If that makes sense. It's really confusing to me because I felt like everyone was on the same page with me about heterosexual attraction but I just realized that not really and maybe I'm acespec. Thanks for your answer that really helps especially the last sentence because I think the answer to that question is actually none. But it's really hard to separate sexual desire and sexual attraction (especially because I feel like I've been overcompensating my aromanticism by my sexual desire when I didn't know about the label. It was easier to tell myself "You're just a bitch who uses people for sex" instead of telling myself that I was broken for not feeling romantic attraction).
  12. Sexuality is confusing :(

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      Indeed it is.

  13. Hello, I've got some questions for heterosexuals aromantics. I've been thinking a lot about my sexuality lately. I've always thought I was heterosexual. Well, I've been questioning being bi for a brief period of time but I'm not. The thing is I've never question my attraction to guys because it was so obvious to me even after discovering I'm aromantic. I was sure I was heterosexual aromantic but lately I've actually been thinking a lot and comparing myself to other heterosexuals and I'm actually not so sure anymore. Because it seems like for a lot of them they're sexually attracted to people. I don't think I actually am. I thought it was aromanticism that made me like that. Like yeah I don't feel romantic attraction to these people but that doesn't mean I don't feel sexual attraction. But I think my idea of sexual attraction isn't really what it is. Because I am not attracted to people. I'm interested in the idea of sexual relationships a lot and to have sexual partners even have a qpp where sex is involved but I don't think I'm actually attracted to people sexually. I'm attracted to people platonically, like I want to know them more, become friends with them and just share deep conversation because I love being with people like that. I would love to have sex with some too but as a plus. Anyway I'm not gonna talk more because this is hella confusing to me and weird to explain. So I just really wanted to ask you guys if you could define what your sexual attraction is or how your sexual attraction manifest itself. Are you actually attracted to people or you just want to have sexual relationship and can have them without feeling attracted to that person and it's not a bother at all ? P.S : I don't have aesthetic attraction. I thought it was important to add in case you guys think "Oh well it's like you think someone is really good looking" because I don't. It makes it so damn confusing. Please help me. I'm questioning everything it's a pain.
  14. What works for me is being really cold. I can play with my emotions really easily so I'm all smiley and nice when I want to be but if I have the slightest doubt that someone is flirting with me I go into cold borderline scary mode. Obviously I'm not being a bitch I'm still as nice as I was before but I just give off this really intimidating aura that tend to scare people off. That's actually my default mode. Strangers never talk to me if I want to be close to someone I do and they see I don't bite by themselves x). I wouldn't recommend that technique if you're not extremely good at distancing yourself from what emotion you feel and what you can seem to feel but I mean it does works. If you look like you're strong and tough apparently it doesn't appeal that much to guys (or appeal to the more shy one maybe). And if they're insisting they're way more susceptible to actually listen to you and back off when you say no if you're a bit intimidating than if you're not. But you definetely should say "No, no way in hell" because sadly saying "I'm not interested in relationship right now, I'm too busy for it, I have a boyfriend or even saying you're aro" that get misinterpreted a lot. They think it'll change because they only hear what they want to hear. Don't try to justify yourself just say "No I won't" and don't give more information let them come to their own conclusions. Giving an explanation will have a chance of being misinterpreted if you just say no they'll probably feel like it's for real since you don't even care enough about them to explain anything. You could always be mean and say that they're unattractive to you (because it actually is even if it's not really their fault) if they're really insisting. But I think they have to be really pushy if they still try it after all that. You can just be a bit intimidating honestly it works wonder. I'm heterosexual so I can tell you I have the intimidating mask on all the time and when I actually like someone I turn it off and I have no trouble so it's not me being unattractive it really works.
  15. Don't worry that much about it. It's okay to not have labels, it's already great that you consider yourself being arospec and trying to find more about this. Don't focus on finding the perfect label just try to find the small things that could echo in you. You should read the "You might be aro if" thread it's mostly focus on aromanticism but it's pretty funny to read and you might understand aromanticism better after that (Dont think everything ils perfectly accurate tho it depends on everyone for exemple there's a lot of romance repulsed aros on the forum but I for exemple isn't. I'm still definitely aro tho)
  16. Aaaw no problem. I'm still new there so I have no idea but I think it would be in the aromantic discussions or anonymous question (even if you're not anonymous). I've personally opted for the "ask wherever and start my post by apologizing for probably being in the wrong section" technique x).
  17. AKOIROMANTICISM !!! Akoiromanticisms... I'm sorry I'm coming in this thread like that but I've read all this thread and all the time I just wanted to skip everything to answer because damn there is so many damn things I want to say to you but I wanted to be sure to have all the information and be sure things weren't already said. So first thing first, like @Eklinaar said there's a thing for people that experience romantic attraction fantasize about the idea of relationships, marriage and all these type of traditional romantics things...but stop when it's becoming real. I'm pretty sure that's called akoiromanticism (before lithro but lithro was re-appropriated by lesbian community I think). I am not akoi so don't get your hopes up of me being like that and explaining it to you clearly because I am aro but I've found that term out some times ago when my friend shared to me a queerinclusive story with a character being akoi in it. I was really confused as to "What is that thing?" and by searching on the web I've found out that it is feeling attraction but from afar I guess because it's more of an idea than anything. I've actually got a character that is like that so I've remembered the term. You should probably check it out because I think it's that. Second thing...Yes to the shrink. My dad is a psychiatrist, I'm actually seeing two therapists right now and I'm pushing everyone around me to see someone because it does help so much. Especially if you're lost because their job isn't really to give you an answer but to help you find the answer in yourself. Don't think you're seeing a shrink because you failed to find it all by yourself because it's a lie. For starter from what I've understood you came from a really traditional family so it's already really really brave of you to have come this far and to be so open-minded about yourself and about everything. You made a lot of progress and that's really great so seeing a shrink is in no way a step back or a plan B it's a move forward actually and a way to complete your plan A because you're not giving up and letting someone control things for you or making the decision about who you are. You are doing the work, they're helping me but you get all the credits. What you said about ticking boxes actually made me think a lot about a song from my favourite show ever (that everyone should see because honestly it's so good and realistic and a great criticism of relationship and it's queer positive and anyway awesome) about mental illness. I think you should listen to it because that's pretty much the same thing it's just about mental illness and not about attraction. ( ) Which is a great thing is that Rebecca (the character) like you really hate the diagnosis that someone gave her because yeah it's true and it's the closest she's ever got to something real but there's a lot of stigma about it and a lot of things don't apply to her even if some do. And it doesn't mean that it's wrong it just means that things are more nuanced than boxes. Nobody lives thing the same way. Even in the aromantic community, well there's grey area for starter. You don't have to be alloromantic or aromantic but even in aromanticism a lot of people on here are romance repulsed or thing romance are toxic for people when me on the other hand could be consider as a sucker for romance. I can see the benefits of romance. It's just not for me. Mostly because we're all nuanced because we've lived different things and have been educated in different ways. And there's also other things and that's what I wanted to talk to you about next. On the subject of mental illness and trauma and all that. Have you thought about questioning about that too? Maybe your experience is really difficult and frustrating to you because of other things. I for example I'm precocious and have hypersensibility which make me more sensible about well everything because my emotions are at the center of everything. It also makes me really empathic and perceptive so there isn't only downsides to it but it could be a reason for your confusion. My parents both have that too and my dad just like me suffers from userpator syndrom. When you constantly doubt about everything about yourself even if you rationally know that you're like that or you like that but you can't stop questioning yourself and have these phases where you're "Do I actually like this music or do I force myself to think that I like this music because I want to be hip and trendy or maybe it's because I don't want to be hip and trendy and I want to convince myself that I don't like it and that's why I'm doubting about my taste in music in the first place". When of course when you get through that you understand afterward that it is absolutely ridiculous to overanalyse that this much because you actually like this music because the beat is good and that's just it. Anyway, check into that maybe too? Because if there's a slight chance that you are precocious it would help you understand yourself more and it would also make you understand why you always felt different even before really questioning your sexuality, romance attraction or gender. Also I relate to a ton of things you said but I'm not gonna talk more because this post is already long enough. Feel free to message me tho if you want to know more about my experience and learn from that (I personally love hearing other experiences it helps me figure myself out that's why I'm proposing that it's not because I have some magical answers). P.S: Hypersensibility and all that is related to IQ (having a higher IQ than average) it's just that it's honestly another way of functioning and I'm afraid bluntly say it's related to that will make you think it's related to intelligence and don't put that much thought into it because it's really not about intelligence but more about emotions and sensibility.
  18. I don't really ship in real life. I mean I have one celebrity ship, where I ship two famous people. But it's honestly the only one. I feel like they really have a huge chemistry and i would love to see them together. Mostly because they're pretty transparent with their emotions I feel and they do seems sad when they don't spend time together vs spending time together. (They also joke a lot and make a ton of sexual comments so it's kind of a ambiguous relationship to start). Other than that I don't ship in real life except if I really feel like the two person would really be a lot happier being together. In fiction tho I do ship a ton. I don't really like shipping random people. I feel like for a lot of time it's at random but when I feel two characters really have chemistry and would complete each other and make each other more happy if they were together than if there weren't. I'm a really emphatic person so even if I'm aromantic and it's not for me. I totally get how some people would be better with someone and in a traditional romantic relationship. I hate it when it's people forcing characters together and this kind of things because like leave these characters or person alone if they're great alone but I've seen a lot of character being alone and feeling sad about it and I like shipping them with other characters that are alone and sad about it if there's already a chemistry between them. I also write a lot about romantic relationships and romantic characters because I find it really interesting and fascinating so obviously I'm shipping some of my characters together. But I feel like it would always be valid and I could probably write an essay about how them being together would improve their lives, mental health, physical health and all that. Well sometimes it doesn't because I like to write about abusive relationship or dysfunctional one too but I definitely don't ship characters in abusive relationship together. In conclusion I would say that I don't ship always but I do often but everytime for valid reasons that I could explain and goes way deeper than "Oh they would be cute together because they could have cuuute babiiiies". I don't exclusively ship romantics relationship btw I've got some Friendship OTP. It's mostly gonna be between my OCs and my friends OCs but I've got some fictional ships. Not that much tho. Anyway relationships are important, romantics one may not be for us but they still are for other people even fictional characters and there's also a ton of other relationship. Shipping for me is just seeing that these relationships would probably have a positive impact on the characters and that's what matters.
  19. I'm not really okay with kisses but I feel like it's the less worst. I hate hugs the most. It makes me so anxious and I don't understand how people could even like these kind of things. It makes me feel claustrophobic and really bad. I feel like there's no way for me to escape and it's triggering.
  20. I really don't know. That's a great question. I'm really confused as to what to answer. I don't that much identify as being heterosexual. That's not something that I care that much for but sexuality as an all is a really really huge part of me and who I am. I've always feel abnormally interest by sex and sexuality since I've been a child. I guess it makes sense now because knowing how many attractions there is, sexual attraction is actually the only other one I have with platonic. (I don't have aesthetic attraction at all for example as for romantic attraction) Aromanticism on the other end is really important to me because it actually make my sexuality be more valid (I don't feel like it's weird that sex is so much more important that romance to me anymore because duuh) so it's complicated especially because I know they're not equally as important either. It really depends on the aspect like...in my life my sexual orientation is gonna be the stronger part because it's there. Aromanticism is a lack of something so it can't really control my life or influence my decisions, or even motivate me to do things. But for me...like I myself identify way more as being aromantic than being heterosexual. Because I feel like my being could actually be okay not being in sexual relationships for a while but it is in now way okay forcing itself to be in a romantic relationship or even do romantics things (to gain a sexual relationship). It's not equal because in both those aspects one is clearly overpowering the other but both of these aspects are equally important. So I guess if the question really is about identity it would be romantic attraction.
  21. @Digestive Biscuits : Yes exactly. The term wife or husband isn't the best that's for sure. But it's still cool to know that allos can understand this concept too.
  22. Hello everyone, I have no idea if I'm in the right topic at all. But I've wanted to share something that I just found out not from my experience but on the internet. I'm eighteen so I have no idea if it's real because I've never worked in an office, but I just recently heard about the term "work husband/work wife" and after looking at the definition on urban dictionary I gotta say that I'm really happy this exist. It seems to be some form of queer platonic relationship in a way. It's acknowledging you can have a good relationship with someone that makes your co-worker more than your co-worker but without necessarily being a sexual or romantic relationship. Apparently a lot of people experience that and I think some of them are probably allos. How amazing is it that allos can experience some form of queer platonic relationships ? It can make it way more easier for us to explain these kinds of relationship. I'm excited. Here is the urban dictionary definition : Work husband: That one special male at work that you get along with so well you spend all your free time at work with him. When you find out gossip you go straight to him to see if he knows yet. You surprise him with lunch or snacks. You don't want to hang with No one else on break. Every conversation with him is great. You can talk about anything to him and he listens. You finish each other's sentences and make fun if your coworkers together. Everyone else thinks it's sexual and you don't understand why because you don't see it that way. (for the full link: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Work Husband ) I haven't checked for work-wife but it's the same thing in reverse I think.
  23. I really don't think you're overthinking it at all. It really makes sense for you to be scared about that. You have every right to be. I think the problem isn't only you in this situation (not that you're a problem obviously but your romance and sex repulsion is causing problems so you get what I mean). Clearly your friend A has well for starter, she clearly needs to check her priorities and should be less obsessed by her boyfriend because a relationship based on obsession is so not a relationship that seems to be headed in a right, durable and healthy relationship. I don't know how long they've been dating but if it's more than four months that's kinda worrying. If it's not by the way, from what I've learned by observing romance dynamics and romantics relationship (it strangely is a subject that I find really interesting) it will probably not last. New and young couples always get into what's called the honeymoon phase when they start dating. They thing everything is lovey dovey but at some point misunderstanding, miscommunications, clashes of personalities, of education, opinions, life goals...it's bound to happen and they'll probably fight or argue and see their relationship as something more complicated than a perfect holiday in paradise. So if their relationship is new, be reassured, they'll probably tone it down after a while. Still, She should have asked you and that is unquestionable. Without you being romance repulsed or sex repulsed or even her being in a relationship. In no way someone under any circumstances can force anyone to roomate with them and just do the arrangement without talking to them. That's a really bad attitude and a bad thing to do in any context. You're an adult, she's not responsible for you. You make your own decisions. She doesn't control your life that's just really bad to do that...regardless of context. You don't make decisions for people and especially without telling them. Even married couples don't do that and would be pissed at their partners for doing that and they actually have an official link and commitment to one another. I think you should definitely have a talk with her about all that. I think you can easily change the room assignments. You really don't have to out yourself about it she really didn't have to choose the assignments without asking you first regarding of context. It's completely valid for you to be pissed off aro or not. I think there's a way you can be vague enough to not have to out yourself. Try to put yourself in the mindset of someone allo in this situation. I think a lot could actually be annoyed to. Because that can be a pain for anyone to have their friend's boyfriend at their house every damn day when they want to relax. Your situation really isn't that specific to aromanticism or asexuality. Try to generalise it a bit more when you talk to her, don't go into the specifics. Insist really on the part that annoys you that can be relatable to allo people even if they're not that important in your mind compared to the fears that you can't tell because you don't want to out yourself. Don't be afraid to exaggerate a lot on these parts if you feel like it's the only one they could understand.
  24. I love your flags ♥ Can I request the French flag? It's probably gonna be a pain because it's really generic and in three colums like a lot of other country, but it would still be really cool.
  25. Aww I'm glad you feel better now. And don't worry about the forever alone stereotype I think it's more of a danger for alloromantics actually because if they lose their partners and don't have some at the ends of time that probably would make them bitter at people and at life. They'll be sad or depressed about it and could reject other people that would want to approach them just to be friends. I know for a fact dying alone and by that it means dying single not alone in the sense you're afraid of is a huge fear of alloromanticsm. Last time my mom (who is married) freaked out when my dad said he wanted to be incinerated instead of burried. She said there was no point anymore in being burried if it wasn't to be next to his tomb. So you see their forever alone type of fear is kind of the next level. You don't have that, yeah you won't be in a relationship but you'll be cool and happy about instead of being depressed and feel like you're not worth anything because you're not with someone. That'll make you way more cheerful and able to focus on other forms of relationship like friendship easily.
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