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Aromantic Character Headcanons

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I'm not sure we want Voldemort as a figurehead for aromanticism… Kind of gives a bad image.

okay... i'm really surprised no one has stared this yet. so you need to give the character that you headcanon as aromantic AND your reasoning (otherwise it's just a list tbh)   i'll start:

How about Voldemort? He doesn't seem like a particularly romantic individual...

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I don’t know if anyone has done her yet but I headcanon Reyna from Heroes Of Olympus as AroAce. I know that it said she has a crush on Jason and Percy but I feel like those were more of her thinking she had to be with someone and picking the closest people. 

She is canon Asexual but her romantic orientation isn’t specified so she could very well be Aro. I know a lot of people headcanon her as lesbian I just can’t see it. 

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Some of my main aro headcannons are James Madison from the Hamilton musical (he is 100% aroace, and I hc that he and Jefferson are in a QPR), Cole from Ninjago (he is probably demiromantic ace), Hisoka from HXH (demiromantic pansexual 100%), and Stevie from Schitt's Creek (greyromantic heterosexual)

Madison because, in history, he never had any children and didn't seem particularly interested in romance or sex, and he prioritized his friendships (hint: Jefferson), and he and his wife seemed to have a more friendly relationship than romantic or sexual.

Cole because he hasn't had an actual love interest, aside from Nya, but that didn't go anywhere, and Cole didn't seem heartbroken about the ordeal in the long run.

Hisoka because he has never seemed interested in a relationship with anyone, aside from Illumi, who he is already close friends with, so demi for that reason 

Stevie because although she seems open to dating and has dated in the show, she doesn't seem to prioritize it as much as her friendships, and she has only had (at least from what I can remember, I haven't finished the show yet) one or two actual love interests, aside from David, who she had a friends with benefits relationship with for not even a whole season.

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