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Aromantic Character Headcanons

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Glain Wathen, Morgan Hault, and Annis from The Great Library series by Rachel Caine

It is specifically said that Glain does not show desire for a romantic partner and only expresses love through loyalty and friendship

For Morgan, I raise you this quote: “The problem was that she wasn’t sure she was in love with him. Or capable of that kind of feeling. He was as close as she’d ever been to the grand sleeps of emotion she’d seen others take.”

 And Annis is aroallo ofc

Please say someone else has read this series? I love it so much but don’t know anyone who’s heard of it

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Okay, hear me out on this one.

Max from wizards of waverly place. I know that he has two or three relationships in the show, but it always rubbed me as the kind of 'Yeah, I wanna be this person's number one best friend' kind of relationships you get into before you realize you're aro. 

Idk if I'm just projecting or if I'm a little loopy for this one, but I just can't explain it. He's at least demi in my mind.

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Guest angel:))
On 2/2/2022 at 7:24 AM, fern said:

-  L (death note) = greyromantic

- papyrus (undertale) = aromantic and asexual

- ryou bakura (yugioh) = demiromantic

I love that you mentioned L as greyromantic because I have another headcanon from Death Note

I personally headcanon Light Yagami as aromantic asexual. He never seemed interested in romance or sex and only used relationships to his advantage, and he was never really into it.

Also Yataro Yaguchi from Blue Period. He never had interest in romance or sex, and never even mentioned either in relation to himself. He was only ever focused on art and his relationships with his friends.

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