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  1. Gone Girl. It goes without saying that the book is better, but the film is pretty good too. I won't say too much about the plot because it's twisty, but basically it's about a couple who get together and everything's good, and then one of them mysteriously disappears.
  2. I'm aroace, but since I occasionally get squishes I've noticed that I do have a "type". I'm drawn to people with: - Expressive faces - Funny, lively, extroverted personalities (I'm super-introverted btw) - ADHD. Seriously, it has happened too often for it to be a co-incidence. Looks don't seem to come into it, unless you count expressiveness as aesthetic.
  3. That's so cool! I did wonder if it was based on an old tradition.
  4. There's the whole "blood brothers" thing, where you make a small cut on your hand and your bestie does the same, then you hold hands so the blood mixes and then you're brothers for life (or sisters, or siblings). Not exactly hygienic, and I've no idea where it comes from. When I was little some of the tougher kids would do this. The rest of us would just spit in our hands and be spit sisters or spit brothers instead! Definitely more of a private thing than a public ceremony, on account of all the bodily fluids!
  5. I just watched No Country for Old Men and couldn't see a hint of romance in it. There's a married couple but no mushy stuff between them. As to why it's worth watching, these movie nerds can explain it better than I could: https://www.quora.com/What-makes-No-Country-For-Old-Men-a-great-film
  6. I love the idea of Diana being arospec. I haven't watched "Anne with an E" but I remember a scene from the book where Anne and her friends are all writing lots of stories together. There's one girl who puts "too much lovemaking" in her stories, but Diana puts in too many murders, haha!
  7. Unfortunately publication has been delayed due to coronavirus. There's a story of mine in this anthology so I can't wait for it to come out!
  8. For me, I find it difficult to untangle the two. With kissing, for example (and I mean snogging, with tongues, not a peck on the cheek) I can't tell if it's gross because it feels sexual, or because it's so strongly romantically coded.
  9. I just finished The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers and found it very aro-friendly. It's basically a space opera, focusing on a multi-species crew who fly around creating wormholes. There's a real found-family dynamic amongst the crew, with a couple of particularly strong male-female friendships. There are a few romantic relationships but none are boring or cheesy. SPOILERS Interestingly, one is an f/f relationship between a human woman and an alien whose species doesn't have any drive to pair up. The alien (Sissix) could easily be read as aromantic and/or polyamorous.
  10. I'm a writer. I've never found it particularly hard to write romance because there's so much of it in the media, I know how it's "supposed" to feel. But I generally give more weight to platonic relationships because I get more emotionally invested in them. Also, I recently wrote a blog post about aromantic characters (or lack thereof) in fiction: https://corastillwrites.wordpress.com/
  11. I recommend anything by Zadie Smith. She writes brilliantly about friendship and also writes very honestly about sex, but I've never read anything of hers that really focuses on romantic love. In one of her short pieces, she admits to having no interest in writing conventional love stories. My two favourites are: The novel NW (focuses on a friendship between two women who grow up together but take different paths in life). The short story Sentimental Education (a coming-of-age type story that shows she can write male friendship just as well as female friendship).
  12. Yeah, I reckon it's a uniquely human thing but some animals do form pair-bonds. And since most humans pair-bond with romantic partners, it looks like romantic attraction to a (non-aro) human.
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