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  1. In spanish is asexual, same as english, and asexualidad for asexuality. For aromantic it would be arromántico if reffering to male, arromántica for female and if nonbinary you can say arromántice. Aromantism would be arromanticidad.
  2. If you feel sexual attraction on a high level and romantic attraction on a low level then you may follow SAM model (here if you want to learn more about what is SAM model). It is completely fine to only want sex and not romance. ^ those are life questions ^^ and yes some you may never know in your life, but it is valid to ask them. But I do have some suggestions, first: yes if you want sex and you feel safe doing it, search it and try it. But be upfront, tell that only the act and not the romance. If you experimented and did not like it then now you know. Now, only seek out relationshi
  3. I saw this, and while I cannot say that I have ever felt that, I think it is possible to feel a squish that strong. As someone who doesn't verbalize what I want much, I would say to ask her if she would be in a qpr with someone else. It is not bad, you are just asking a question. If you do not ask her, you will not know what she thinks. Now, this may just be a phase for her, that she got a bad relationship and she is saying what she thinks at the moment and is not thinking long-term. If you are serious about it, and you know she will be too, then maybe something can blossom. Also, this is my o
  4. I met one of my closest friends in pinterest. 5-7 years since that happened. They just reached out to me about a pin that they loved and then we started sharing pins. It was after 2 years of only sending pins on a daily basis that we started talking with words. ^^ and since then we speak about everything and still send pins. I see it the same way you meet people offline,just say "hey I like this and I saw you ppst so what else you like?" And from there just let the convo run its course. :3 that is how it worked for me.
  5. I would be so down with this. Idk how to code sadly but I would use that app
  6. Hello there. Ok you are speaking and bringing topics that are interconnected, which isn't bad, but it makes it complex to understand. I will say and express my opinion of your situation based on what I know and believe. The first thing is I firmly believe that you are born being aromantic and what your sexuality is, it is in growing up and learning through society that we get to know it sooner or later or maybe never at all. We live in a hypersexual society, this means that you are fed through your throat that being in a relationship should be the goal, romance and sex are the goal, you a
  7. Hello there mate ^^ welcome and if you want to find a definitive label, then the best thing is to see what experiences you find you share with other people. From what you said, it is a common experience for aro through the spectrum. Going by definition, if you see someone and do not feel mushy feelings toward that person never or super super rarely then you may be aromantic. If you develop romantic feelings after you bond with someone in particular you may be demiromantic. It is a case by case and the one that has the final say is you. here if you want to read and familiarize yourself with ide
  8. It is still valid and I would categorize it as a microaggression. It is the small things that can accumulate and make in the future a bigger problem. Aro erasure is a thing that happens daily, we can only hope to bring awareness so the world knows about us and the future generations do not have to suffer the same things we do in the present.
  9. Aromantic moment that happened to me a while ago was having a conversation with a friend and them explaining how they would lie if needed in a court so their significant other wouldn't go to prison. I could not see myself lying for anyone in court. They tried to explain that it was solidarity, but I just couldn't see it to be me. Actions have consequences, and you cannot avoid a consequence just because you do not like it.
  10. So I would love to help a friend understand that heteroromantics aces do belong inside the community but I cannot find the right words. Their argument is that since that person can be in a straight passing relationship then he/she doesn't have to be subjected to hate from non-queer people because only them (the person in question and their partner) know about it and it is intimate so the outside world doesn't need to know. So since they do not experience hate or are being called anything because they are persons from opposite genders then do not have to suffer the same hate that a gay/lesbian
  11. I was thinking back, and I think that an early sign I was aro was when I was 7-8 yrs old and was at summer camp. I had the strongest feeling to become the best friend of another kid the instant I saw him. We both did not spoke the same language, but I felt like we could have been the best friends ever. He saw me just as a friend though, and after that summer I never saw him again,but the time together was amazong. I always thought it was a crush but now I think it was a squish.
  12. For me, my mental health is the one that has me missing out on life. However, I slowly have been able to overcome it by living one day at a time the best way I can. If I want t do something, I try to make plans to make it happen, be it camping, or just doing exercises. Sometimes I can't do it, but I don't get much discouraged, and try the next time to see if I can make it happen. Been hard on myself is not good for my health so I try to avoid it as much as I can. Treat yourself with patience and love. I am sorry for your health conditions, but try to live the moment, if you think that in 10 ye
  13. Last year when I was 23. I was looking in the internet for information about gender identity and I stumbled upon AUREA, and the found this forum which I could relate to to a lot of experiences and that was it, after discovering this forum I claimed the aro label.
  14. "I love people like you love your brother/sister/mascots, with all my heart but I would not date them" If they try to say that its not the same or I'm missing out, I would say that if they think that having romantic or sexual feelings toward their family is healthy or not.
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