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  1. If I ever have children, it would be via adoption, and that is a big if cuz I love being by myself on a cruise or on a trip. People underestimate how good is traveling without children, the places to eat, places to go and all the fun you can have alone. I want to enjoy life first, my life, then and only then would I consider adopting. Maybe it sounds selfish, but I want to enjoy myself as a priority cuz is my life and people should understand that having kids will cut some experiences from your life. "If you want kids, that is fine by me, but don't oblige me to have them too", is my line of th
  2. Will watch it then. Was reluctant because of fanfic I read about it year ago...needless to say fanfic involved lots of romance and other things. Also I heard it was cut of budget and ended earlier than expected so was And yeah, finding boring the same line of romance. hate to love. And I think like you, the "no isn't no" is a very problematic thing I am watching more and more. It lines on a very social theme that consent can be changed and nothing is final. That you can keep nagging until the opinion of the person changes. It perpetuates a social and psychological problem and it can end i
  3. I was bombarded as a kid with marriage. My parents, uncles, and family in general always wanted me to marry and have kids. As an amab (assigned male at birth), I guess it is not that common into planting the idea of weddings as a kid. Truth be told, I only wanted to marry until my 10 years, after that, when I started thinking by myself and having my own opinion, that idea crumbled fast. <10 years old me, family basically wanted me to marry and put the idea into my mind. >10 years old me, I did not like the idea and went directly against it fervently. My family still wants me to marry, bu
  4. I know people use it as both terms. Personally I use aro to refer to aromantic and I use a-spec for the aromantic spectrum. But it can vary depending if I am explaining it to a friend or to a stranger. It is based on the topic too, because when I explain what aro means, I include the spectrum too so in that case I am using aro to explain the spectrum.
  5. Same here. I find romance coded activities repressing when done publicly, and it feels like a burden to want to match expectations of society. If I kiss someone it would be because I want to, not because the moment is "right" and it would be in private. I would love not kissing in public, because it is just eugh. If I engage in sexual activities, and kissing arouses my partner, then I don't have a problem with it, but personally I am indifferent to it and I would avoid it in public.
  6. I agree with most of here. It is the repetitiveness and just so similar stories that gets to me. Almost all relationships in movies and series are romantic. I crave for a platonic relationship, one that shows how much the character cares for each other without an ulterior motive. If I want to befriend you is to have a great time with you. Go eat, watch dumb things together and just have a good time, no kisses, no sex, no development from "I don't feel anything for you" to "Oh, i guess I did had feelings for you". Idk how can it be so hard to show friendship without romance, or people of opposi
  7. Hey there mate, glad you found us ^^ one is never too late to be here. Here you go, some treats (Insert tasty coffee and awesome homemade key lime pie)
  8. No problem. Hopefully it will help you like it has to me.
  9. This is blissful. I have a candle that smells like one of my favorite coffee shop. I only use it when I want to feel completely at peace and has endured more than a year so far. Idk what I am gonna do once it is depleted since the person that did it is no longer living where I am
  10. Hey there Mel ^^ you don't have to be nervous in here. We are all a community and we want to help each other whenever we can. Glad you found this site and welcome! On the labels, the prefix means the same in both romantic and sexual so a bi-sexual/romantic is someone that is attracted to two genders sexually/romantic. The labels are tricky to understand sometimes but any specific question just ask it and we'll do our best to help you understand.
  11. Hi! The way I deal with the questions is by saying that I am interested in my studies first, after that, only the future will tell. For the matchmaking I would go and say that if the person that you are matchmaking me can't help me fulfill my goals, then I am not interested. Thus you get a chance to change the subject by speaking of your plans for the future. People have very short memory when it comes to this kind of things, so redirecting convos is easier and asking about their plans works wonders (people like to speak of themselves) Now, in my experience, I say outright that I am not l
  12. @aro_elise There is a a sense of wholeness for me when I listen to their songs and scream it all out. And yup for me their peak was sempiternal, the new ones are good but they can't compete with it. @Circe The smell of my onesie after it has been cleaned is so dam beautiful. Sure, the softener plays a role, but since it is one piece only it is in me everywhere ^^
  13. My band that was love at first listen was Bring Me The Horizon. The song was Hospital for the Souls. I loved every song of that album, Sempiternal. I would love to explore new places, to go hiking fro a whole weekend with my friends and just chill, and shall put them on plans when this pandemic is over.
  14. I love looking at the ocean, but not on the beach, from a high point where the walls are high and you can hear the crashing of the waves. I haven't dived per se, only have swam to the seafloor a few times about 15 ft or so cuz I have good lungs. I do baking ^^ mostly brownies and cookies. And I love coffee so I can relate to have a goof cup of coffee with breakfast alone ^^. When the pandemic is over I am going to visit coffee shops around where I live to taste them all.
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