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  1. YMBAI when you break up with someone it hurts because you’ve lost a friend. Not because of any romantic love but because you did care. YMBAI the song All You Wanna Do from Six hits too close to home.
  2. When I was a kid I watched a lot of Disney movies and would always just pick a character to be attracted to because I thought aesthetically they looked good and because I thought I had to have a crush. I spent so much of school just wanting someone to like me like that but every time someone asked me out I would either say no cause I felt absolutely nothing or say yes thinking my platonic feelings were romantic and then break up with them weeks later cause I was uncomfortable being in a relationship. Also how I found out I was asexual cause my sister asked me what actor I thought was sexy and I didn’t know what to say but Magic Mike had just come out and everyone was raving about him so I just said Channing. She didn’t believe me when I told her I didn’t actually think that but whatever.
  3. My sister and I tried watching the Vampire Diaries and I just I couldn’t finish it. I came for the fantasy and I left for the romance. I watched the Lovely Bones movie and at the end the guy who killed the main girl is about to get away with the crime and what does she do? She possesses this girl so she can kiss the guy she liked. I had never been more frustrated in my entire life I swear.
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