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  1. "Everything is more beautiful because we are doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again." -Homer, The Iliad

  2. if i could have some advice on how to deal with these thoughts i'd appreciate it
  3. i realized a few months ago that i'm greyromantic and i think i have some internalized arophobia. i don't have anything against people on the aromantic spectrum and have always thought that it's completely fine to be arospec. however, i keep judging myself for not feeling romantic love as frequently as alloromantic people do and feeling like there's something wrong with me for it, even though i know that's not true
  4. i'm bored

    1. Gabriel14


      Hi bored I’m Gabe lmao

  5. today is international lesbian day, someone give me money

  6. i wish this forum was more active

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    2. fern


      oh, pog! could i have the link

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      this should work i hope? if not there's a thread floating around here somewhere with a link too

    4. fern


      it works! I'm in the server now ^w^

  7. for those of you who are on the aromantic spectrum and feel romantic love for others, what's that like for you? i'm greyromantic and feel romantic love infrequently, but when i do it's a nice feeling
  8. i just had a mini panic attack during the school lockdown drill lmao

    1. fern


      all the people in my literature class had to sit against the wall and there was a person in a chair on my left side and they couldn't exactly move the chair so i was stuck having my leg and shoulder be pressed against the girl on my right side's leg and shoulder and it was terrible. i went to the bathroom to calm down afterwards and my breathing got back to its normal pace again but now my stomach hurts

  9. I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver is a story about a nonbinary person who, after coming out to their parents, is kicked out of their home and ends up moving in with their sister. They join a new school and, throughout the story, work through their anxiety and fall in love. Here is a site that contains the trigger warnings for the story.
  10. hey, i'm fern. i'm a nonbinary greyromantic lesbian, and my pronouns are they/them. i'm autistic and have adhd, and i tend to get anxious quite often. i like to play video games, draw, and talk to friends. some fandoms i'm in are undertale, deltarune, kagerou project, your turn to die, and omori. my favorite color is purple and my favorite animals are cats and dogs (i can't pick one over the other, they're both so cute). i can't think of anything else to say except that i hope you have an amazing day or night ^w^
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