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Any songs about friends?

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I know that lots of people have found songs about aromanticism, but I was wondering if anyone has any good songs about friends? I love my friends to death, and I get especially angry when people say that romantic relationships are more important than platonic ones, and honestly with so many songs about romance it definitely feels that way sometimes.

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It can be hard to find good songs about friends! Here are a couple, though, I hope you enjoy :)

"Hug All Ur Friends" by Cavetown

"Count on Me" by Bruno Mars

"Thank You for Being a Friend" by Andrew Gold

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Guest _me

platonic love song- alexis the artless

I promise I'm trying- cavetown

All my friends- LCD soundsystem (more chaotic than touchy-feely, but I mean) 

Platonic Love Song #1- Lauren Bird

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I'll be there for you - The Rembrandts

yeah I know, its a really cheesy example but I just thought of it and had to add it. (I also really like the lyric 'your love life's DOA' even though it was meant for someone leaving a relationship at the altar)

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