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  1. hey there! I’m just going to dump my art here :) if you are interested in commissions or have a request please let me know 🙏 I’d love constructive criticism!!
  2. MORE FEEL FREE TO USE just credit (@organs-and-bone on toyhouse)
  3. like nah, never seen you before. not like we have planned the downfall of the universe and talked about strange cheese but nahh
  4. hi there! I’m officially introducing myself! I usually prefer to be called aspeyenn (online) and use pronouns she/her! I’m a student in the us. I am a digital artist!! and novelist as well as avid reader. I enjoy watching my (v crazy) chickens and sipping tea (mint w/ lots of honey!!). overall, I’m asexual and am questioning being aromantic!
  5. this one was nice ! No pride things but I enjoyed it!! https://picrew.me/en/image_maker/2260948
  6. Two more days keft 😢 get ur last aros in hehe
  7. and probably one of my all-time favorites is https://picrew.me/en/image_maker/2069970
  8. I did actually like the second one :) Oh! it’s so cutesy
  9. now look who’s the boss 👀 


    1. smac n cheese

      smac n cheese

      😭 still little old me in third place 

    2. organs and bone
    3. N1GHTM4R3


      I'm back!

      Ooh good job!

  10. “I'm offended we're offended so often.”
  11. @Picklethewickle oh sure! if you want you can credit my toyhouse (https://toyhou.se/organs-and-bone) but you don’t have to!
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