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  1. I would tell myself that not wanting romantic relationships does not necessarily mean commitment/intimacy issues. Also that if something doesn't feel right (e.g., dating), that I shouldn't force myself to like it or do it just because it's something that ~general society~ deems necessary or in the hopes of "fixing" myself (as if romance were an acquired taste).
  2. Hello! I'm sure it's been quite a ride learning of all this so recently. I think some others would share the sentiment of wishing they had known earlier- I suppose that's a downside of aromanticism/asexuality having less visibility. But that's been improving lately :) I hope you can feel welcome here and enjoy being part of the community!
  3. Like many others, I love cats. I had a cat for 14 years, but she passed 3 years ago. I still miss her alot. When I'm in a more stable living situation, I want to get another cat. For now, I have some plants, which makes me happy as well. I made a terrarium a couple of weeks ago, it's like having a mini forest in a jar!
  4. Welcome to the forum! I think many others might feel the same that aromanticism can be more confusing than asexuality (I mean, don't even get started with what is romance anyway?), so you're not alone in that. I hope you find what you're looking for here!
  5. This is my first year really actively participating in ASAW, and it's exciting! I'm feeling more a part of this community :aropride:

    1. Skylord


      Same! I'm not really sure how to celebrate though... 

    2. Erederyn


      Maybe you could wear some aro pride stuff! Or perhaps make something (there's #AroWeekCreations prompt on twitter)? Although I know that can be a lot to do sometimes. There's also the TAAAP pride chats that you could join. Either way, there's no proper way to celebrate as long as you're having fun :) 

  6. Hahaha, I understand that. I've become such a homebody, like my introvertedness has just increased. Looking back, I sometimes think how excessive it was that I was going out of the house every single daaay. I do still look forward to having more freedom again, but I'd be happy with not having to go out as much (especially in winter).
  7. Was nice to meet again! For the next meeting, I was thinking we could perhaps discuss either aro activisim and community involvement/building or alloaro inclusivity/representation (for example, read something from Bones of Green and Hearts of Gold and/or some of AUREA's articles) or we can share and discuss our favorite works from AroWriMo and ASAW. Any of these sound good?
  8. Yeah, unfortunately many things have been pushed aside. It's understandable that the pandemic is at the foreground now, but I think some governments might be using it as an excuse to ignore other things. Really is a shame. I definitely agree about appreciating nature more because of the lockdowns! I'm grateful more than ever to have a park within walking distance. I saw a rise in volunteering for the community gardens in my area, perhaps this is happening in other places. I'm sure the protests will start up again, sooner or later. People also have a lot of pent up energy (and ang
  9. It usually starts the Sunday after Valentine's day, but seeing as Valentine's day is on a Sunday this year, ASAW starts on the 21st and goes to the 27th this year.
  10. I get that, and I think that's also a valid way to look at it. I suppose I view it as more people becoming aware of the dire situation we were already in before the pandemic. Unfortunately, things like climate change and civil rights activism are viewed as "leftist hobbies" in many places. But there is more of a mainstream awakening to the fact that society is vulnerable and fragile. The faults and gaps in our societies have been laid bare now. For example, I work in mental health care, and I've been pushing my department to take structural factors into account, especially for those who h
  11. Yeah, I'm excited! I don't really know yet what I'll do, but I have lots of pretty papers, and I'm thinking of making some aro color journal dump collage thing. Maybe some writing as well, and generally reading/watching aro works. I also want to get some aro merch to support some aro-owned businesses! 😁 Would be cool to see any of your writing/your spoof picture for ASAW if you make it!
  12. It’s wild that it’s almost a year since the pandemic started. I know many people are tired of talking about the pandemic, but I recently saw a survey in which they found that about 80% of respondents want significant change in a post-pandemic world and about two-thirds want their own lives to change too (https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/09/sustainable-equitable-change-post-coronavirus-survey/). I found this really interesting and uplifting and was curious if others here felt the same. What are some things you want to see change, whether on a large-scale level or on a personal level?
  13. I have a close friend who is aroace, and she really wants to have kids, also via sperm donation. I personally don't want my own children, but I've thought about co-parenting. I really like the idea of trio parenting because it would allow me to be involved with parenting but would be potentially less demanding since more adults would be responsible for raising the child. Anyway, I also hope it works out for you and that you can realize your dream of becoming a parent!
  14. I suppose it depends on how close you are with your friends and how much they know about aromanticism. You could for example warm them up by just talking about aromanticism, dropping hints. Or you could just plan a moment to just come out directly (with some of my friends, I did this with a fun powerpoint). Either way, I think it's good to have them read some basic resources on what aromanticism is. You could also explain that many aros have been romantic relationships before, either because they experience some romantic attraction, because they simply want to regardless of romantic attr
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