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    Willa a.k.a smac n cheese
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    lesbian oriented aroace
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    chaos muahaha

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  1. ABSOLUTELY!!!!! They remind me a lot of mine! PBM, do you want to meet mine? If so, here's some ground rules: -The third grader is supreme to everybody, respect her. -Everyone's a failure - PurpleShrimp and Ham are vonderful vifes -Do NOT provoke the Avocado, you can try to fight, but you won't survive (It all makes sense in person... kinda)
  2. hiya, Strange Person I'm totally not chaos buddies with! I'm smac n cheese. I do A LOT of theatre and watch AMVs instead of doing my work in class and somehow have managed to get 'straight' As. I also enjoy writing, watching queer fantasy cartoons, and planning world domination! My friends call me Claudia or Sienna, even though NEITHER of them are my real name so I think they also qualify for the category of Strange People. Anyways, I'm also 12 years old, and... yeah!
  3. Most of my classmates are obsessed with watching Mean Girls and other 2000s movies, but me? queer fantasy cartoons with traumatized characters are my life
  4. my friend Lumber, the one with the infinite pockets, once dumped everything in his pockets onto our lunch table. the pile was like a foot tall
  5. yeah no, it isn't like you've ever called us "the chaos trio" and we're all following each other, I mean, what? pfft, no wayyyyyyyy
  6. My besties are both bi, and they're AWESOME at inclusion. They somehow managed to embarrass me in front of my squish without implying it was romantic on Valentine's Day. Basically,-oh wait I have to give everyone name thingys for the Internet. Let's just say my besties are Avocado and Sofa, and my squish is Cyan (these are their irl nicknames btw)- okay where was I? Anyways, Avocado gave me and Sofa little heart cookies surrounded by chocolate chips for Valentine's Day, and I ate my cookie at lunch. Since I don't like chocolate chips, I gave them to my friends, but Cyan (who is in our friend group) ended up getting the most. Avocado noticed, and asked me if I had given Cyan my chocolate chips, and I was like "yeah, but I gave them to everyone-" but then Avocado cut me off and told her "Happy Valentine's Day" with a smirk on her face Yay to friends being aro-inclusive and making you turn into a blushing mess!
  7. I mean... cartoon episode such as "Enchanting Grom Fight" from The Owl House and "Princess Prom" from She-Ra sold me on proms, but if there's no fantasy violence, betrayals, and the begining of queer love stories (involving other people, of course),nahhhhhhhhh, I'll just stay home
  8. all the cavetown songs, but It's All Good (also cavetown lol I might be a bit obsessed) gives off INTENSE squish vibes
  9. Double Trouble from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
  10. All from my friends: " I believe in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" "🎶we wish you a merry gravestone, we wish you a merry gravestone, we wish you a merry gravestone and a happy deathday🎶 -I MEAN NEW YEAR" "SHE'S STEALING MY PARENTS" "It looks terrible... oh I like it!" “Hello Claudia’s Sister, we would like to inform you that we do, in fact, know that you are a tractor. THE GIG IS UP, CLAUDIA’S SISTER. Sincerely, Lumber." "For the record I choose option five I don't want to get hit by a spoon" "Bully [friend], he's the orange one!" "GONDOLA CAT" "#isthatyourcousin?" “I WAS HELPING MI GRANDMOTHER WITH SOMETHING. I NO FAIL!” “I found 38 assorted ribs.” “You know what? I'm gonna stop floating.” "You were the one that decided fan clubs attack people" “Yeah, I-I just got swept by bread…” “I'm bored… and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!” “I love political pigs.” “Hmmmm… I wonder why no one’s online at (checks watch) 11:05 PM?” “We are gathered here today in memory of our beloved seasoning.” “LET ME DO MY WORK WHILE BRAINSTORMING STORY IDEAS WHILE BINGING NARUTO WHILE EATING SOUP WHILE WRITING A DND CAMPAIGN IN PEACE!” “I will get eaten in about 3 hours flat.” “I’LL BLACKMAIL MYSELF IF YOU STOP!” “I love eating bees!” "get BACK here or I WILL season the birds" "I'm west of you, at 41.878002 latitude, -93.097702 longitude, in Iowa" "funhundred" "I GOT OFFERED TO JIMOTHY'S PRESCHOOL!" my entire friend group at once: "Ohhhhhhhhhh, Jimothy" yeah my friends are a strange bunch
  11. oh yeah idk why I wrote that I've never seen you post a bunch of cheese facts or plan world domination no way
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