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  1. Rizzponsibility Edit: I have been unfrogged
  2. Ronald That is what my tired brain came up with so here you go
  3. DEAL! PBM, let's sail the high seas and find shiny things
  4. It's so weird how distorted music sounds between the hours of 1 am and 4 am, does anyone know why this happens?

  5. Yeah I think there's really no easy way around this... I agree with @Neon, just fully clarify what you mean by a QPR because it might be confusing to them when they learn that's it's an option. Possibly reference the split attraction thing to help them understand that what you feel towards them is still a form of attraction. Maybe even direct them to some resources here if you want. Good luck though, I hope it goes well.
  6. I love how you set your bday

    "Back in my day we didn't have color tvs" 

    You're amazing my dude

    1. allhailtheglowcloud


      Why thank you

      I am actually older but the puny limits of the internet are unable to process my immense age.

    2. Cavetowns_fkin_awesome


      lmao that's great 

      Omg we have the same job :D

  7. WHAT THAT SOUNDS LIKE SUCH A COOL BOOK I NEED IT!!! *Cue speed googling* I will try to find it now and nothing will stop me
  8. Maybe talk about flirty scenes in books with an allo friend. I find it helpful to read through them with a friend to try and figure out what seems forced or not. Good luck!
  9. 1. Aro coded villain 2. Aromatic villain (lol twice) 3. Pentacle 4. Aromantic
  10. "Gary" Hotten the thread commands Gary the bread The glow cloud is bored When arocalypse is dead My internet addiction Needs to be fed! But I'm not a poet Not that you'd know it I stole that line from an ad . ( ͡⁠° ¿ ͡⁠°) . _____| |_____ 🥖___ 🍞 ___🥯 . | 🍞 | . / / | | | | \ \ . / / | | | | \ \ . 🥐 🥐🥐 🥐 ^ this is Gary the bread for those who are wondering
  11. What would happen to grammar AI's if we all just started using the words "taxi" and "taxidermy" interchangeably?

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    2. organs and bone

      organs and bone

      such a cool job, I now have a new life goal

    3. allhailtheglowcloud


      *all the taxidermy drivers pick up stuffing taxis as a hobby*

    4. organs and bone
  12. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY GLOW CLOUD, PUNY MORTALS Basically I'm addicted to Welcome to Nightvale Edit: for those who don't know, the glow cloud (all hail) is a glowing cloud in nightvale which drops dead animals and is also president of the local school board
  13. Hi! I found out I was aro when in health class we had to describe what romantic love was and I described a friendship. My friend gave me a funny look and told me that I might be aro. I had heard the term before but my brain didn't really click with it until then. I first came out to my friends by asking them for advice on how to come out to my family and they gave me some really good advice, so if that's an option for you then I highly recommend. Coming out to family was a bit harder as they had in the past talked about how they didn't understand the need to label yourself and/or come out to people but I ended up telling my family members one at a time which I found helpful because the volume of questions was more manageable and there was a bit less pressure. Hope this helps :)
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