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  1. I know that lots of people have found songs about aromanticism, but I was wondering if anyone has any good songs about friends? I love my friends to death, and I get especially angry when people say that romantic relationships are more important than platonic ones, and honestly with so many songs about romance it definitely feels that way sometimes.
  2. I am atheist. I think that my atheist view haven't really affected my life, but religion in general has. I was raised catholic, but my family in general is divided on religion. With some catholic family, some jewish family, and one of my parents being atheist, I think that I just disliked the pressure and stress of religion and I didn't really believe the stories anyways. I decided not to get confirmed to the church (I'm so happy that I was able to choose). My beliefs did kind of just fade with time, but I feel like it was just one event after another that changed my beliefs for good. At some point we had not gone to church in a while and I prayed a bit in tough times, and nobody answered. I feel like that was the end for me. I also think that being aromantic had a huge effect on why I became atheist too. In the catholic church, I feel like there is such a big pressure to get married in the church, and honestly, as an aromantic person, to me, getting married is not a huge sacrament that the church makes it, it is just like a legal agreement. Also, I think that parts of the church (not all, just some parts of it) invalidate LGBT communities and I just don't want to be a part of that.
  3. I love the green rose Idea! Yeah I can see how multiple rings could be a lot (I'm struggling to get an ace ring as it is, I will be looking for both now though). I know that the black ring is supposed to represent all aspec identities, but I feel like aromatisism and asexuality can be very different in general for a lot of people, so I think that it really is important for us to have our own symbols. I think that two rings wouldn't necessarily be terrible as they are on different hands, although it really is personal choice I guess.
  4. Oh wow I didn't know that! Thanks for letting me know. Thats a lot of rings haha.
  5. I know we own the frogs, but besides that we have the pride flag and maybe arows? I was wondering if we should have something like an ace ring? And if so, what should it be?
  6. I also love hearing the varied replies! Ok, shipping irl is the absolute worst. People, just don't do it! I don't think that I have ever seen anything positive come from a ship (what is the purpose of a ship anyway?) The worst worst thing is when you are involved in the ship. Like with friends who don't know that you are aro because you are in the closet. When people ship you with another friend, its just so bad. "You would make a cute couple" (excuse me?) As someone who is aro, being told that we would be "cute" together is just.... no. But like in general I feel like ships only cause awkwardness and tension in between friends that is so unnecessary. Anyways, shipping in real life can be dumb and hurtful. In fiction, I feel like I don't mind as much. I personally don't really ship characters. I don't know why, I guess I just see that the characters have their own lives and ideas, and I guess I have trouble seeing how they would be good together. If I did, it definitely would not be a romantic relationship mainly because, well, I can't really relate I guess.
  7. My closeted pride had been mainly just creating stuff online. Now that I hear about how almost nobody reconizes the aro flag, I will see if I can put it on my phone case as well. For now though, I will just keep on making word clouds, going on aro tumblr blogs. and dressing up in the colors of the aro flag on valentines day (and of course nobody notices.) I love how everyone sneakily shows their pride!
  8. Hi everyone! I have been reading the forums for a while now, just finally making an account! I found out that I was aro while watching a YouTube video that had the word aromantic in it. After looking up the definition and doing more research, many years of questioning began! I am finally coming to terms with being aro and am learning how to be ok with who I am. Being Aro can be hard sometimes, especially at such a young age, but it's better to know who I am then to think that I am broken. These forums have helped soo much and I am glad to officially become a part of this amazing community!
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