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  1. Awww man, I would’ve still gotten that gold star if the first two points about QPRs weren’t there 😔 So close
  2. Wow, I’m the most stereotypical aro there is! I get one big shiny gold star to boast to everyone 🫵😎⭐️ ( Jokes aside, I’m glad most people don’t take this seriously, everyone is equally valid :3 )
  3. This is a cool idea! I think I may start using this term from now on!
  4. If you feel comfortable with referring to yourself as aro, then go for it! It’s a very big and diverse spectrum, and everyone has different experiences with it, so if that identity feels right for you based on your own experiences then that means you are aro :)
  5. Thanks for your answers guys, they helped a lot! Also Ikr it really confused me when I saw it 😅 maybe the name could be changed to “trisexual” or something, and the old name could be used for this purpose. But I don’t mind either way, I’ll just say I’m poly but not the smooching kind lol
  6. I was wondering because all the descriptions I see of polyamory describe it as being for romantic relationships with no mention of sexual relationships. I’m a non-partnering aro, but I’m quite intrigued by the idea of polyamory (not in romantic terms), and I was wondering if purely sexual polyamory was a thing? Unless that’s just “friends with benefits” or something. Sorry if this is a silly or obvious question, I’m just confused
  7. Right now, I’ve only made mini websites for my college course (I got to make them mostly about whatever I wanted so that was fun!), and I’m planning on making a website to host my comics in the future.
  8. Hellooo! I too am a fellow introvert, and I enjoy coding as well (HTML, CSS and a wee bit of C#. I'm gonna be learning JavaScript pretty soon as well)! What kinda stuff do you code? I like making websites the most : )
  9. Hi! I have a few cacti as well, my crown jewel being a baby Blue Torch cactus (it’s blue!) I’ll accept you as the glorious leader, you seem pretty chill.
  10. Ooo, I haven’t heard of Paqui before! They look good, though I’m not sure if they’re sold in my country. I’ll have to check. Also, thanks for the signature compliment 😎 I’m studying IT in college right now so I’ve been getting into computer jokes lol
  11. Welcome! I’m a big introvert as well, socialising is definitely not my forte lol. I love mexican food too! Especially the super spicy stuff 🔥 got any specific meals you enjoy the most?
  12. The only song I know that could be taken as aromantic is “The Knack” by Mother Mother.
  13. A little while after I found out I was aro, I started finding a lot of early signs. One notable example being an old comic I made when I was little about what to do if someone likes you but you don’t like them back. The whole comic is just a cat beating the living crap out of a dog that was in love with them lmao.
  14. Welcome to the forums! I think your english is good, english is my first language and I still struggle with it lol. Also yeah, the ranking system here is adorable ^_^
  15. Hello! Welcome to Arocalypse, also known as the Cool Club for Awesome people 😎 (totally didn’t just make that name up)
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