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You might be aro if...


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To bring us closer to finding a definition to aro, we should first find what exactly separates aromantic people from romantic people. Actions, feelings, etc.

Starting with the most obvious one

YMBAI you have never fallen in love with others

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When your friends ask who you would date if you had to pick and it's either them because you feel closest to them emotionally or someone you don't know because you could easily break it off (maybe that's just me heheh).

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YMBAI you decided as a child that you needed to "find" a crush, because everyone else had them, so you just picked the nicest boy/girl in your class and became truly convinced that you actually had a crush on them.

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YMBAI you originally thought that everyone was faking their romantic feelings or crushes, until you realized they weren't and that you just didn't feel the same way as other people.

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