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You might be aro if...


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On 5/10/2024 at 10:43 AM, AroAceGamer said:


You don't realise that someone has a crush on you becuase you don't know what having a crush is like

You are so real for that my dude T-T

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On 4/7/2016 at 9:47 PM, hippiesthop said:

Alternatively, assumed you were bi or pan because you felt equally towards all genders.

The relatability of this.

You like fictional romance exactly because it is so different from romance in real life. You thought liking romance fiction made you alloromantic.

You like or even don't mind romance because it's the driver of like every single song but you were so surprised when you found non-romantic music and appreciated it. You confused how people think you're alloromantic for listening to romantic music or relationship music because 90% romance anyway.

Songs about breaking up are equally as relatable as the romance ones because you experience neither or a friend.

You realized being bi or panromantic also felt you were being forced to choose someone you liked.

You pretended to be in love with characters in ship fandoms because everyone else did. (You genuinely enjoy being outside of them as a book is supposed to be).

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You were horrified by the concept of the character in your book randomly feeling romance for her opposite gender friend at the end of a coming of age story (it was literally not developed it was just boy and girl friend equals dating eventually) and you became horrified of that happening to you.

The concept of falling in love being inevitable horrified you to your core combined with the random actor in TV show who said men and women can't be friends. 

Romance with the opposite sex or same sex being innate to being human horrified you combined with some people saying they feel attraction to everyone within your orientation.

Dating people because you were scared (or wanted to feel like you were stupid enough to believe) that boys always fall in love with girls upon being friends. So you dated someone of the opposite sex only to feel like animal being pet rather than falling in love like the stories.

More feeling horrified around every opposite sex or anyone between your pressured-ly labeled romantic attraction because someone said "You'll just know" so you're waiting for it.

You've picked another "crush" because they probably like you because they interacted with you positively but then someone finally says that it doesn't make sense to see it that way and you realize your feeling make sense.

You realize alloromantic queer fandom can be equally as hard and gay jokes are equally as stereotypical as straight ones and it still  makes you uncomfortable like the common "If two people are enemies or rivals for more than 7 years it's not rivals anymore just gay". You like romance stories but the story itself is what explains the romance not anything as simple and nonsensical as that. You know romance is an actual thing the character has to feel and has to be written.

Realized that the fear you feel toward society's idea of who might feel is your significant other is not butterflies or nervousness; it's not wanting to imagine them as your partner.

You realize just like any other genre, books are just books, therefore someone else's story, so it makes sense that you're aromantic and read romance; it is in no way contradictory.

Realize the concept of reading romance as cheating in a relationtionship is equally as bogus as assuming someone likes the characters they're reading about in any context.

Soulmates and romance are nearly fictional concepts that you act out in your eyes. You realized you can enjoy acting them out like being a callous being but actually not approve of people acting like that (not that I don't understand people feel the mysterious but simpler version of love in real life)




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YMAI you only wanted to date someone because you wanted to fit in. (idk if this was already said or not) 

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If you never feel like you want to be in a relationship it seems.

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You might be aro if:

--You feel uncomfortable when it is implied that someone has a crush on you or that you have a crush on someone.

--You heard that old saying that men and women can't be "just friends" and then became scared of being friends with someone of the opposite gender because you don't want them to get a crush on you.

--You like reading or watching romances for the pining and fluff and all that jazz but then get bored when the two characters actually get together because their dynamic changes.

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