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  1. Yeah, I can't reproduce it. It comes and goes...
  2. For some reason I was unable to post a new thread in the admod forum. I got an error that the title and post were blank even though they werent. Let's see if I can post here.
  3. There will soon be a new sheriff in town. If the sheriff wants to hire some deputies, that's up to them.
  4. For those who have subscribed to this thread, this is a bump to let you know to go ahead and vote here:
  5. I'm not sure you're reading this thread Momo. So, here's the deal. There is no longer any deal with AVEN. It is not a safety net or backup plan for us now, and I don't see us bridging the gap of opinion in the next week. I'm going to lock this thread for now, let y'all cool off a bit. Tomorrow, I'll be posting a new thread with some exciting news about the election for administrator.
  6. @Momo is one of the two candidates I'm considering. @Phoenix the II is the other. I'll have more details tomorrow.
  7. OK, this is not the response I expected, but I respect what you all are saying. AVEN will become a backup plan if nobody else can get it working. I've already got a couple of candidates from inside the community and I'm just waiting until the end of day to see if any more volunteer. I plan on holding a general election between the candidates so you all can vote for your favorite.
  8. If any of those reasons are a deal breaker, it would be better if I knew sooner rather than later. So, please just PM me. What if the link between the two is not obvious? If these forums still appeared under its own URL "www.arocalypse.com", then where would the confusion be? Arocalypse would continue to be maintained as a separate set of forums, with its own unique membership. That is, registering for AVEN doesn't get you an Arocalypse account, or vice versa. So, rather than being seen as a sub-category, it would remain its own entity in most respec
  9. I've got some good news. I spoke with a member of the Project Team from AVEN and shared some technical stats about this site with them. One scenario is that AVEN would take over the site as an affiliate forum. For the most part, Arocalypse would maintain it's autonomy. We'd have separate Terms of Service, and bans would not transfer between sites automatically. That being said, the AdMod teams of the forums might share information with one another in case bans are very serious. (A stalker who gets banned on one forum would automatically get a ban on the other). The key here is that the communi
  10. I'm not sure about CPU load or network bandwidth. My web host takes care of all of that for me. I think running it from a home machine is probably a bad idea overall, as it's much more likely to have downtime. (You lose power and the site goes down, but that can't happen with a web host) As for server costs, I'd be happy to pitch in for the first year for the new owner once they've demonstrated they can run the site. (I'm not handing 300 bucks to someone who claims they'll run the site and then run off with the cashola) So, I know that's kind of a catch 22 there. You need money to
  11. What? Arocalypse will soon be approaching it's 4th birthday on April 3rd, 2016. Unfortunately, it's not quite going to make it, unless you decide to take over. I am stepping down as system administrator as some annual fees are due in soon, and I'm ready to hand it over to the next enthusiastic person. When? The last day Arocalypse will be online in its current form is March 29th, 2020. Why? I started Arocalypse as a place for aromantics and greyromantics to have focused discussion about their romantic orientation. I wanted such a place to fill that gap. T
  12. I'll look into it. I'm not sure if that's a feature of Invision or not. Encryption is useful when dealing with sensitive information. For example: credit cards numbers or identifying information such as social security number. Email addresses are not identifiable, so the concern is low. You can fake all of the information when you create an account, except for email address. But you can obtain a fake email address from Yahoo for free. None of your account information is identifiable unless you opt in and include it by choice. (For example, your name could be a
  13. OK, I added section 2m to the ToS to take a clear stance on this type of offense. I will not retroactively assign warnings for past posts that broke this rule, but future instances will be warned. I've also hidden the original post, and am going to lock this thread down. If you have more questions, feel free to PM me. Also, be sure to visit the moderator elections subforum.
  14. If you go to a public space and ask someone for their opinion, and they give it to you, then what harm has been done? If the asker is that sensitive, then they shouldn't be asking folks who they think will give them a callous answer. If the response is insulting in ways that don't relate to the question or discussion, such as "you're dumb", then that's a warning per usual. So, yes, if you throw gasoline and end up getting burned, it's partially on you at that point. OK, I figured it out, but it's not intuitive...
  15. If that individual did so in an open forum, then I'd ponder why they'd do such a thing. If the purpose is to have an open debate about the validity of grey-romanticism, then I don't see a problem with it. If it's just there to bait someone into violating rules, then that's where things get dicey. Do you blame the one who threw the gasoline on the house, or the one who lit it with the match? So, let's change the example a little bit. User XXX creates a thread titled "Coyote is not Quoi-romantic" and personally attacks you. XXX picks apart your posts and says you're alloromantic. Tha
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