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  1. My idea of a romantic relationship is pretty much the same as a close friendship.

  2. Robin


    Apocalypse is running on IPB. The software takes care of the passwords, not Blue Phoenix Ace. It's just a question of whether you trust this forum software to handle passwords correctly. 1. Storing passwords encrypted isn't the correct way to do things. You need to salt and hash. 2. It's actually a legit concern even if you're at home, because of the routing from your home to the web server is in the clear. The question is whether it's worth it to set it up for a forum, which is low security. 3. cPanel is only the interface for web server settings. It's up to the web host to implement Let's Encrypt. The web host that Arocalypse is on does not plan to do so in the near future.
  3. Robin


    Well, that's true, but this is literally just a forum. Not handling sensitive information here, at least not personally identifiable ones.
  4. Robin


    EDIT: Actually, VPN would be your best bet. Even if we used SSL, it wouldn't prevent the government from knowing that your IP has visited this domain, and that is the only thing the UK is storing. If you don't want the government to know you're aromantic, use a VPN.
  5. Well, the chat is actually useful for keeping the Arocalypse user base engaged, and not everyone has a Discord. I do like chatting in Arocalypse chat once in a while. Also that is a very shameless plug for your own discord group
  6. Wait, you can? Even after the update?
  7. I did not notice that the room different at first, so I would say that it's well done!
  8. Robin


    Wouldn't it be better to support the server cost itself first? But if you're that bothered by SSL, I guess?
  9. Robin


    Let's Encrypt is only supported on dedicated servers. Arocalypse is on shared hosting, and it's up to the web host to support it. After a quick search, it appears that this web host doesn't. We must either pay for dedicated hosting or pay for an SSL certificate, which honestly isn't worth it for a small forum.
  10. It's like choosing what type of burrito to get
  11. Is there a website that has helped you significantly with your a/romantic identity? An aromantic blog that is very awesome?
  12. Woah, thank you for sharing this article. It speaks to me on so many levels
  13. Robin


    So you should use a password that you don't use on any other site
  14. Robin


    Seems overkill for a forum on which we are anonymous
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