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  1. My idea of a romantic relationship is pretty much the same as a close friendship.

  2. Wait, you can? Even after the update?
  3. As with most people here, it fluctuates. Usually I'm fine, sometimes I desire it greatly, but other times I'm absolutely repulsed. I hate cheesy romantic stuff. I have a rather realistic view of romantic relationships. "Happy ever after" fairy tails annoy me.
  4. What questions or misconceptions about the aro spec do you hear? This may be useful for future FAQ sections on flyers, websites and such. Does that mean you don't love anyone, not even your family? Don't you mean asexuality? You probably just came out of a bad relationship. How can you tell if you haven't dated?
  5. My greyromanticism = the bad parts of aromanticism + the bad parts of romanticism

  6. To bring us closer to finding a definition to aro, we should first find what exactly separates aromantic people from romantic people. Actions, feelings, etc. Starting with the most obvious one YMBAI you have never fallen in love with others
  7. I do think this is the best course of action. Emotions are near impossible to define (try explaining being sad), but the effects of it is easier to describe (crying, frowning). It is not specific by nature, and they're definitely not universal, but it's a good reference.
  8. A romantic relationship is just as hard to define as romantic attraction, since the only difference it has with close friendships is the romantic relationship itself. Relationships are diverse; there is no one way to have romantic relationships. As a mostly romantic person, I will give the very dubious and unhelpful answer of "you kinda just know"
  9. "Friends with legal benefits"
  10. Robin


    Here's a thread where we can discuss games and find other players. Admittedly I'm still a newbie in the field of gaming, but I still love to play with others. I own a 3DS with Pokemon X/AS and Mario kart, and my Steam has Portal 1/2 and Don't Starve Together
  11. Can we hide member profiles from the public for safety an privacy?
  12. You're so efficient, Phoenix!
  13. That person is me Thanks for the compliment You can find it here
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