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  1. Sometimes that's the best way to experience a new place
  2. Any favorite things you saw while in Kyoto?
  3. That's sad... I think really bad self-esteem could perhaps be part of the issue for many people as well..... I guess you would start thinking "Am I not good enough?" if your gf/bf confessed they had a crush on someone. Yeah I agree that's probably the case. I had a crush that lasted for a very long time for example, but I wasn't in love with anyone (as in having a partner) so I could !!!!unwillingly!!! devote my whole focus on that person. I crushed that person hard
  4. I agree. I've seen many people become super sad and confused when they start having feelings for another person while still loving their partner. As long as you don't act on those feelings without your partners ok, it's not cheating right? Usually crushes go away after a while anyway if you don't "pursue" them ( I think) or maybe it works differently if you're polyamory.... This might not have been what you meant?
  5. They didn't know I was aro at the time. We ended the discussion with them respecting my opinion and I theirs, even though they differed. So it was fine. Yes, come to think of it, many of these characters might have been polyamaorous if it was real life.
  6. This doesn't work quite as well with Swedish street-names.... My street was: "Dammgatan" but I took "gatan" away since that essentially means "street" anyway. So I present to you: Lady Kirsti Hampus Damm Try pronouncing that lol X D
  7. When the question "What is your type?" really confuses you and you just answer with what you think would make a good friend.
  8. pengu

    would you rather

    No escaping the poo-question!
  9. pengu

    would you rather

    House party! I don't like loud places with alcohol that much. WYR have your dream-job but not get paid much, or have a boring job that pays well.
  10. Yeah, we will stay in Yokohama since that's where our friend lives. I've seen in pictures that it is a really nice town! Thanks for the tips! There's so many parks in Tokyo but Ueno sounds nice! Thanks for the tips! YES, I will be spending a majority of my money at restaurants haha Looking forward to try out their vending-machines as well <.<
  11. This was a really good example. (Since I love chocolate too, so there's something I can relate to >.>) This all made me really re-think my ideas of love..... I will probably create a new thread on this if anyone care to share their own thoughts.
  12. Yeah, it baffles me too. It's a big cultural thing that is very harmful I think. In books and tv shows where there's a girl that has to choose between two boys, she always choose the new guy she has an intense crush on, instead of the nice guy who has always been there for her and that she also loves? But for what I have read being "in love" is like being on drugs (for what is going on in your brain) so I get why you might not act all that clear-headed.
  13. pengu

    would you rather

    choc~o~late! (Always) Live in a fantasy-world with magic and stuff, or live in a sci-fy world with aliens and spaceships.
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