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  1. That's an interesting article. I disagree with a lot of stuff in it, but one thing I found interesting was the author's love of water was equal to (not just equivalent, literally the same) as how she experiences romantic attraction. At first I thought she was saying she's romantically attracted to water, which she kind of is, but whatever, but then once she got around to explaining why she thought that it got more relevant to my curiosity. She says romantic attraction is something you feel with your entire body, and if she says it's the same feeling as her love of water, I am not qualified to say she's wrong. She goes on to talk about scientific reasons for romantic attraction, though she tends to mix that and sexual attraction. Though I suppose some people who don't use the split attraction model probably think they are the same thing.
  2. I'm glad I asked this, hearing other peoples' thoughts is really interesting.
  3. I know there's already a topic on dreams, but I wanted to make a poll, see what's out there. I personally (almost) always in third person and am rarely in my dreams, but I know there's a lot of variation among my friends alone. Also, I'm aware lucid dreaming is a thing, and I want to know if there's anyone who lucid dreams whose dreams are often in third person.
  4. Bird. I could be a parrot and they live real long, plus I feel like underwater is generally more dreary than on land/in trees. Fried rice or lo mein?
  5. They're just salty because they put all their points into charisma and it got nerfed.
  6. As far as I'm aware, people can get crushes on you from the moment they meet you. However, and in my experience this has been more of a problem because both of us are then invested in our relationship, they can develop romantic feelings to you as they get to know you. Has anyone noticed any trends in which friends this happens to? Or any specific signs that what they're feeling is romantic and not platonic? I love my friends to death, but sometimes I get scared that they're developing crushes on me, and I think (hope) it's in my head and I'm just being paranoid (I probably am), but I don't want to lose another friend to my lack of romanticism and if anyone has an idea for preventive measures I'm here to hear them. Another thing to note: From what I've heard, alloromantic people have trouble staying in sexual platonic relationships without developing romantic feelings or distancing themselves platonically. If I had to guess I would say this is due to cognitive dissonance, a psychological phenomenon in which when people do things they don't agree with it basically creates tension in their brain and they are likely to either fit their actions to their thoughts or change their thoughts to fit their actions. Since sex is viewed by society as romantic, doing an action they see as romantic with another person over time brings on romantic feelings. Thoughts?
  7. I like the one with white, when I see one of the others the yellow always clashes with the grey.
  8. Alternatively, assumed you were bi or pan because you felt equally towards all genders.
  9. Dated someone because you felt like you were supposed to.
  10. Guess who had ice cream cake yesterday!
  11. We could describe a romantic relationship as a committed relationship in which all parties agree their feelings are not strictly platonic. My thought process on this is I know what I do feel: platonic attraction, so I describe it using terms I can identify with myself. I recognize not all people feel platonic attraction, so this won't work for everyone, but it's what makes sense to me.
  12. Both. Who needs sleep? But actually stay up late, cause that's when you can do things with your friends. Boats or trains?
  13. The truth, or something similar, will come out eventually. If you're going to be spending all summer together, you'd probably prefer to come out to her before then. If you don't, you'll be spending all your time together worrying about how she thinks about you, and when she's going to ask again, and how you'll dodge the question this time. It might make the friendship weird, yes, but for you it already is. If you do talk to her about it, make sure to tell us how it goes!
  14. I want to hear if people have tried things like friends with benefits, or a QPR with sexual aspects, or just hooking up and how that turned out for them. For example: a few days ago me and some friends played spin the bottle. Not sex, but something meant to be sexual (kissing), that usually has romantic connotations as well. However, in this situation it was made clear that everything was completely platonic, and that made it much more enjoyable than the one time I had a romantic partner and he kissed me.
  15. I always dream in third person, and I'm not normally in my dreams. The weirdest one involved people whose skin was purple and the ground was gemstone and there were floating rivers of blood and gravity wasn't working right at all, then there were some earthquakes that ended up inverting everything? Then the color theme change from cool colors to warm and their skin was orange and there was a lot of yellow and yellow-green and they went on a journey through retextured Civ V hexagons.
  16. I took the Pottermore quiz and it offered me a choice of everything but Gryffindor? (self-preservation is my primary character trait) I chose Hufflepuff, so yay, Hufflepuff! Then the Divergent one put me in Candor, which, ahaha, haha, ha. Let's ignore that. Then I got that I was the child of Dionysus, which is ironic because I don't drink, but I'm all for fun at the cost of sleep!
  17. I feel like I need a roommate to function at my finest. I just enjoy being with my friends all the time, I'm the happiest I've ever been, and as time passes they're all just going to drift away and that terrifies me. I love them all so much, but it's not the kind of love that gets people to stay. That might be the root of my dislike of my aromanticism. It's been ground into my brain by society that romantic love is superior, so I feel like if I can't experience it I'm not living my life to the fullest.
  18. hippiesthop


    As far as MMOs go I was big into Guild Wars, then Guild Wars 2 a year or two back. The combat and exploration was amazing, the story mediocre. The biggest draw for me ended up being World v World v World, which is weird cause I'm not normally into PvP. The Bioware Star Wars MMO though... I went all the way through the Imperial Agent story line free to play, that's how much I adored it. The combat and actual mmo aspects aren't great, but that story was a masterpiece.
  19. I also get really afraid that my friends will develop crushes on me. It's happened twice before and it's absolutely awful. I care about them so much, but I can't the way they want me to and it kills both of us.
  20. I decided I would appreciate a place to just vent about how aromanticism affects my plans for the future. For example, the fear that all of my friends are going to pair off with someone else who will take over their lives and leave me with no one. My mom has one friend from college she stays in contact with, and she sees her maybe twice a year, and they live within two hours of each other. My dad has been reconnecting with people on facebook some, but he barely ever sees his friends too.
  21. Unlimited supply of food. I like it too much. Red starbursts or pink?
  22. I second the Rey headcanon. I want so much for her to not end up in a relationship with someone but I feel like her and Finn are going to be together. It's not bad, as far as ships go, I just want her on her own.
  23. In my personal experience, that stereotype has not been true. As an aromantic asexual person myself, I am very attached to my friends and spend all of my waking hours with them when I can. I recognize that your experiences have been different, but I believe that saying aro aces in general are detached and unemotional can only have negative effects on the community and the rest of the world's understanding of a sexual and romantic orientation which does not determine the person's personality. I'm sorry this has gotten off topic, it was just bothering me during work this morning and I couldn't not continue the discussion.
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